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Science Made Simple: Animals Uncovered

We had FIVE copies of this brilliant book to give away in the Winter 2015 issue of Wildlife Watch! 

How do reptiles rev themselves up? Why are pandas so keen on bamboo? And what has biology got to do with it all? This definitive guide to the workings of the animal kingdom will make even the most puzzling of questions crystal clear to anyone!

The competition

We asked readers to identify the four animals shown below. Can you guess what they are?

The correct answers are:

A - an adder snake

B - a starfish

C - a robin

D - a frog


Congratulations to the winners! 

Antonia Eve Stansfield, aged 11

Sinead Fitzgerald, aged 8

Haris Meikle, aged 7

Alex Edmunds, aged 12

Rory Moloney, aged 8

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