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Save the Seahorses

In our Winter 2015 issue of Wildlife Watch we raised awareness of the plight of seahorses in the My Wild Challenge series. We wanted you to help us raise awareness! 

We teamed up with The Seahorse Trust to offer a fantastic prize to the winner - a seahorse adoption pack, a British seahorse book and an underwater Aquascope kindly donated by Learning Resources

The competition

We asked you to spread the word about seahorses in whichever way you wanted - a film,a poster, a blog - anything! We had so many fantastic entries that The Seahorse Trust has also awarded runner-ups to the competition, as well as a winner! Please click on the images of the posters to expand them.

The winner

A big well done to Samil Patel, aged 10, who produced this fantastic, simple poster.

The Seahorse Trust said: "It is colourful and sums up everything about protecting seahorses and where they live. We really liked the symbols with the crosses through them and the seagrass showing where the Spiny Seahorse lives. The seahorse rushing away from the net sums up how they must panic when they are being chased." 


The runner-ups

Bessie Hyman, aged 14, must have put a lot of time and effort into her poster!

It's jam-packed with facts and perfectly explains why seahorses need our protection.  We love the different sections as well!

Safiyah Mahmood, aged 12, had a fantastic idea - she started a blog! 

She's continued updating this with seahorse stories and facts since December - what a superstar! Take a look.

Grace Rudler, aged 10, made this beautiful poster and also told us in a letter how much she loves the seahorses, and how her dream is one day to work for The Seahorse Trust.

Good luck in the future Grace! 






Isabella Hart, aged 12, used the letters of 'HELP' to organise her poster.

We loved that idea! 


Ben Easton, aged 7, made this impressive poster! We like how it very simply lays out what everybody can do to help.

It's eye-catching - and the hand-drawn seahorse at the top is wonderful! 


To see more competition winners, take a look here!