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Plant cell pizza!

When we received this brilliant entry to our wildlife baking competition, we just knew we had to contact Rachel to ask her more about how she came up with this idea...


The inspiration for my Plant Cell Pizza came from my brother! I wanted to help him because he is taking his IGCSE biology exam, and I thought that it would help him remember the different parts of a plant's cell.

The different ingredients represent the different parts of a plant's cell. The pizza base is the cell wall, the tomato sauce is the cell cytoplasm (chemical reactions take place here!), the green pepper represents the chloroplasts (they make the plant food by photosynthesis), the cheese is the sap vacuole (where food is stored for the plant), the tomato is the cell nucleus (which controls the cell) and the sweetcorn acts as the cell membrane (which allows things into and out of the cell). 

Making the plant cell pizza has made me look at the world in a different way, and recognise how complex plants and animsl are. I will now be investigating more about how cells work! 

Rachel Bateman, aged 11