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My Wild Challenge

All our wonderful Wildlife Watchers were asking what they could do to help wildlife - so we came up with our My Wild Challenge series! 

In every issue of Wildlife Watch we discuss an issue and tell you how YOU can help. Even better, you could win great prizes too! Take a read of our current and past My Wild Challenges below, and why not challenge yourself to help wildlife?


Don't Let Go!


Nobody likes a party pooper, but that doesn't mean your celebrations have to cost the earth! Read about the impact that balloon releases and chinese lanterns can have on the wildlife of our planet.









Creating wildlife meadows... on Rooftops!


© London Wildlife Trust

Did you know there are some roofs that look more like meadows? Helen Spring, Conservation Officer at London Wildlife Trust tells you why these are so important to the wildlife that we share our towns and cities with.



Helping white-beaked dolphins

Marine life is at threat from the products we use that go down the drains. We're asking you to make an eco-friendly swap in your life, to help keep our marine wildlife safe. 


Go peat free!

Do you check whether the compost you buy from the garden centre is peat free? Katherine Hawkins, Living Landscapes Officer, at The Wildlife Trusts, tells why you should care.

Find out the facts, and you can even learn how to make your own compost! 



Saving Seahorses

Emily Cunningham, Living Seas Officer, at The Wildlife Trusts tells you all about seahorses and how our seahorses are desperately under threat. 

Learn all about them, then spread the word about seahorses and you could win a prize! Take a look


Food Miles

In the UK our food travels 20 BILLION miles per year. Here Leanne Manchester, Communications Support Officer at The Wildlife Trusts talks about how this can lead to big problems.

Read more, and find out what you can do! 



Tackling Marine Litter

Marine litter is a big problem. It affects every step of the food chain and the problem is just getting worse. There are lots of ways that YOU can help this problem. 

Take a look!


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