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Hunting on the way home


With the longer days upon us, it's the perfect time for getting out after school. But encouraging the kids to want to always seems my biggest hurdle, the pull of indoor play seems strong.


Early summer days are good for hunting as the new growth is all around, listing a few things to look out for get them engaged in natural surroundings on the afternoon walk or the trek home from school.


I like to take scavenger hunts into new dimensions and The Smart Happy Project scavenger hunts always require a healthy does of imagination. Can you collect a smell? Match nature’s colours to decorator paint swatches?


Nature’s colour wheel is my favourite, the circle of found colours is always pleasing to the eye and gets you looking at nature but without having to ponder too many serious questions of what and why, just admiring the beauty of natural colour!

Download your scavenger hunt here! 


Lisa Lillywhite, The Smart Happy Project.

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