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Finger Puppets

Starfish finger puppet Starfish finger puppet

Try your hand at making some wildlife finger puppets.



To make a finger puppet, simply print out one of the designs below, colour it in and cut it out.  You might need to ask an adult to help you cut out any tricky bits!



pipistrelle puppetFlap your wings with this Pipistrelle bat finger puppet.


Red deer finger puppetBe the king of the woods with this Red deer finger puppet.


 Starfish finger puppetExplore the ocean with this Common starfish finger puppet.


Have fun with your finger puppets:  You could write a story featuring all your animal finger puppets and put on a play.  What adventures could your puppets have?



Design your own finger puppets:  All you need to do is draw a picture of an animal but don't draw its legs!  Instead cut out circles large enough to fit your fingers through where the legs should be, and hey presto, you have an animal finger puppet!