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Festive Bird Feeder

Learn how to build a festive bird feeder from recycled objects with Wildlife Gadgetman!

Collect your materials

Rummage your home and bin for the following recyclable objects:

- 1 x Frijj milkshake bottle (this is ideal as the white plastic offers a perfect base to colour in your festive designs)

- 1 x lid from a small plastic tub (approx. 120ml)

- A piece of string (200mm long) and a cable tie

- Vine House Farm bird seed

- Permanent marker pen

Cut out your seed ports and colour in your design

Remove the outer label from the bottle. Using a permanent marker pen, create your festive design. This guide is for a penguin but you could also try a robin, snowman or even Santa! Cut four triangle shaped seed ports evenly around the base of the bottle.

Create a hanging loop

Drill two holes in the lid of the feeder. Feed through a 200mm length of string and then tie the two ends together in a knot. 

Please ensure you have help from an adult when using tools.



Attach the drip/seed tray

Drill two holes in the base of the Frijj bottle and two holes in the lid of the small plastic tub. Attach them together using the cable tie.

Fill your feeder

Fill your new feeder with Vine House Farm bird seed.

Did you know that when you buy bird food from Vine House Farm, up to 5% is donated to your local Wildlife Trust? So if you buy food from them, you will be helping your local wildlife! Find out more

Hang your new feeder! 

Hang your festive bird feeder in the garden and wait for the birds to arrive! If you want to jazz up your design, add little Santa hats. These are very cheap to pick up and easy to come by. Be warned, they might not last long in the winter weather but they do look fun! 

Gadget time!

Make a time-lapse!

A time-lapse is a series of images taken of a scene over time. Software is then used to fit them all together into a video which gives the illusion of time moving more quickly. Why not have a go at making a time-lapse movie of bird visitors to your feeder? You can use a trail camera, a compact camera or maybe even your mobile phone! 

Take a look and give it a go!

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