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Summer isn’t here for long and the warm weather doesn’t like to hang around, so why not take advantage of the summer holidays and the warm weather and try a new and exciting activity – Eco Coasteering.

Us Brits have always loved to be beside the seaside but we usually enjoy it from a deck chair with a 99 in hand. This summer experience the amazing coastline in a new way with a family day out getting up close and personal with the local sea-life. It’s time to ditch the deck chair and wade into the waves!

What is Eco-Coasteering?

The more adrenaline filled coasteering is quite well known way to see the coast line, but eco-coasteering is a great new way to witness all the wonders of our coast line whilst meeting some of the sea-dwelling locals. Typical coasteering is great for adrenaline junkies but why not try something a bit more relaxed and really take in the stunning sights we normally overlook.

A day out eco-coasteering will take you on a guided tour with an expert leader around the normally inaccessible coastline. You will get a personal lesson on the geological rocks that the coast is made of and meet the residents who call the coastline home. You will be lead around the impact zone where the waves lap to the rocks and learn all about the wildlife that inhabit the area.

Eco-coasteering will give you stories, facts and memories that will last a life time! What could be better than heading back to school armed with the knowledge of the sea-life that surrounds our coast?



A Family Day Out

If you’re looking for a unique day out to share with your family then this is the activity for you. Each trip is led by an ocean scientist equipped with facts about sea-life you never even realised lived off our shores.

With so many days spent in front of the telly, eco-coasteering gives you the chance to be entertained in a completely new way; you might meet a grey dolphin in its natural habitat or a local seal sunbathing in the heat.

Of course, there’s more to sea life than the mammals; you’ll also get a chance to learn about crustaceans living in the rock pools, if the hermit crabs are shy, don’t worry there are plenty of starfish and sea sponges that will come out to say hello!

Sea-life you might meet:

·         Grey seals

·         Dolphins

·         Clingfish

·         Crustaceans

·         Starfish

·         Coral

·         Much more!

Each eco-coasteering course runs during the low tide giving each participant access to caves that are usually off limits. Each tour is carefully planned out by the expert staff to show you areas that aren’t normally accessible. This gives you the greatest chance of bumping into amazing animals and secret sea life!

Can I go Eco-Coasteering?

If you’re wondering is eco-coasteering is right for you, the answer is probably yes! Anyone who can swim is welcome to come along on an eco-coasteering excursion. You will join a passionate leader who loves the wildlife and loves teaching you about it even more. Just remember to bring something to wear under a wetsuit and a sense of adventure and of course...a towel!

Suzanne Vallance

Vertical Descents 

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