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Competition Winners

Have you entered one of our competitions? Want to find out if you've won or check out your rivals? This is the place to be to find the winning entries, the 'best of the rest' and what Badger and the Wildlife Watch team thought of your efforts.  

If you haven't taken part yet, visit our current competitions page to get involved!


Simply click on the competition title to see the winners. 


Autumn 2017 - Issue 83

Match a Track - Winners announced soon!

Become a Night Explorer - Winners announced soon!

Eco Straws - Winner announced soon!

Summer 2017 - Issue 82

Explore Bundle - Win books & a backpack

The Hunting of the Snark - Answer our 3 questions

Top Trumps -  Winners: Abby Stevens, Elliot Schofield, Mair Davies, Rebecca Tinnelly, Sienna Shipton


Spring 2017 - Issue 81

Spot the difference - Win an Outback Cam

Tell us all about an adventure - Win 3 Adventure Pens

Answer our 3 questions! - Win 3 Abi Elphinstone books


 Winter 2016 - Issue 80

Make you own Wildlife Greetings card - Win a Wildlife Canvas by Nina Davis

Tell us about your favourite bird and why - Winner: Ellie Hammett

Draw a picture of something in your garden - Winner: Reuben Hawley

Answer our 3 questions! - Win a Trio of Wildlife Books


 Autumn 2016 - Issue 79

Wildlife Filmmaking Competition - Winner: Autumn Malpus, Runner up: William Briggs


Summer 2016 - Issue 78

Solve our jokes! - Win an Outdoor adventure microscope 

Spot the difference - Win a Learning outdoors with the Meek family book

Create a beetle - Win a Rant and Rave journal 

ID the trees - Win a Phonescope 

Tell us about your wildlife encounters - Winner: Kate Busby

Spring 2016 - Issue 77

Colour in your owl poster - Win a colouring book and STABILO pens

Make an animal sculpture - Win a red fox necklace

Answer the quiz - Win a nature book goody bags set

How does nature inspire you? - Win a wren monoprint

Make your own compost heap - Win a compost set


Winter 2015 - Issue 76

Tell us about your special place in nature - Win a Brambly Hedge set

Identify the four animals - Win an 'Animals Uncovered' book

Tell us about your winter highlight - Win 'The British Wildlife Year' book

Save the seahorses! - Win a bundle from The Seahorse Trust

 Autumn 2015 cover

Autumn 2015 - Issue 75

Identify the flowers - Win a Flower Press set

Test your ant knowledge - Win an Ant World set

Create your own nature art - Win signed nature art by Kerry Conway

Bake something wildlife-themed - Win a Bush-Hog Tails book

Tell us what you've grown in your garden - Win a Grow Your Own set

 Summer 2015 cover

Summer 2015 - Issue 74

Replace screen-time with green-time - Win a 100 Family Adventures book

Complete your nature palette - Win an Animal Key Rings set

Go on a litter pick - Win a set of primary science binoculars

Create beach art - Win a Benny the Blenny book


Spring 2015 - Issue 73

Name the introduced species - Win a Pip the Squirrel DVD & Book

What would you grow in your garden? - Win a Moshi Monsters gardening kit


Winter 2014 - Issue 72

Name the Minibeasts - Win a Nature Explorer's Handbook

Nature Detective Skills - Win a Microscope



Autumn 2014 - Issue 71

Crafty Leaves Leaf Art - Win a Crafty Leaves Book

Scarlet Ibis - Win a Scarlet Ibis Book

Whimsy Wood Characters - Win a Whimsy Wood Book

Speaking Animals - Win The Dark Wild Book



Summer 2014 - Issue 70

The Wild City Book - Win a Wild City Book

Lego Sea Creatures - Win a pair of Opticron binoculars



Spring 2014 - Issue 69

Bat detector Competition - Win a Bat Detector

Top Gun of the Sky - Win a signed copy of Top Gun of the Sky


Winter 2013 - Issue 68

Benny the Blenny Competition - Win a Copy of 'Benny the Blenny's Shallow Sea Adventure' book

Match the Moths Competition - Win a fantastic moth trap from Insectopia

The River Singers Competition- Win a signed copy of 'The River Singers' book


Autumn 2013 - Issue 67

Colour in a Snail Competition - Design a snazzy snail and win a My Living World nature kit.

Draw a map of Whimsy Wood- Win a copy of the Whimsy Wood Book. 

 summer cover

Summer 2013- Issue 66

Win a Break with Centre ParcsWinner: Claire Turner (aged 9) from Sheffield



Take a look here to see the winner of our #WildsPlay competition with People's Postcode Lottery!

Brambly Hedge Recipe competition

We asked you to tell us your favourite recipes to be in with a chance of winning a beautiful Brambly Hedge Treasury Set! Take a look at our fantastic winners! We've even created recipe sheets out of their recipes, so you can give them a go yourself. 




Winners are picked at the end of each month and receive a prize from our box of wildlife goodies!


October 2017

Autumn Story

 Winners - Carys Henwood, Ewan & Lily McIntosh


September 2017

Handy Microscope

 Winner - Luca Bethune


July 2017

William the Hedgehog Boy

 Winners - Amber Amos, Luca Jordan, Madhav Menon

June 2017

Adder, Bluebell, Lobster

  Winner - James Winstanley

The Big Bird Spot

 Winners - Abdur-Rahmaan Mahmood, Charlotte Slade, Ciaran Whitehead, Cleo Baynham, Gary Hopkinson, Grace Davage, Mark K Madeley, Oliver Woolley, Rosie Johnson


May 2017

ID the animal silhouettes

 Winners - Frankie Trainer, Luca Fejes, Quinn Hutchinson.

Go on a picinc!

 Winner - Shayne Finnerty

April 2017

Answer our kingfisher question

 Winners - Beatrix Womersley, Ella Cope, Khalid Alrasbi, Shea Penny, Tegan Crawford.


March 2017

Tell us your favourite thing about Spring

 Winners - Abigail Fairman, Blathnaid McAnulty, Ella Lusted, Tegan Crawford, William Nicholls.

February 2017

Build your own hedge

 Winner - Lois Newman

Tell us an awesome whale fact

 Winners - Jo Carter, Joel Brennan, Ruby Taylor

December 2016

Colour in the squirrel!

 Winners - Catherine Charlton, Natasha Kirby


November 2016

Tell us about your favourite season, and why.

 Winner -  Harriet Petrie

Tell us a fact about bats that is NOT true

 Winner -  Elouise Bowmer


October 2016

Tell us which animals hibernate

 Winners - Abdullah Mahmood, Bonnie West, Imogen Jones, Natasha Kirby, Tia Wilson

Tell us a fact about badgers

 Winners - Emily Dickson, Abdus-Salaam Mahmood, Eden Sim

September 2016

Tell us a fact about spiders

 Winners - Betty & Daisy Algar, Dave Walker, Madison Wright

ID the zoomed in animals

 Winners - Darcy Green, Edward Yarsley, Ella Cope, Rhys & Megan Davies, Tallula Carbonnaux 


August 2016

Guess what caterpillar Mustard is

 Winners - Piyasi Morris, Keira Findlay, Eva Carey, Fearne Penny, Anna Weston.

Tell us about your favourite family day out

 Winners - Cameron Reardon, Maree Bowmer, Teighan Horobin, James Fishenden, Claire Ball

What wild challenge will you do this summer?

 Winners -  Keira Findlay, Dylan Thomas, Iman Khan, Abigail Penny, Jordan Havell


July 2016

Tell us your favourite thing about your garden

 Winners - Emily Browne, Lesley Williams, Nicola Brooksbank, Lauren Spillard, Paula Louise Williams.

Spot the fake butterfly names

 Answers - Lemon spotted, Chocolate brown, Bunny rabbit, Tambourine, Snowy white.
 Winners - Patricia Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Phoebe Christian Doherty, Diane Cotton, Rachel Turner. 


June 2016 

Tell us your favourite insect 

 Winner - Kathryn Chinchen
 Runners up - Dominic Winspear; Catriona Hutchinson

Answer our insect questions!

 Answers - 6, Entomology, 24
 Winners - Cleo Baynham; Eva Carey; Judy Marks; Kim Victoria Hopkinson; J Aryes; Mark Madeley

Tell us your favourite thing about Summer 

 Winners - Emma Walters; Fiona Nott; Francesca Allum; Naomi Moore; Richard Taylor


May 2016

Tell us your favourite British flower

Winners - Daisy Holland; Oskar Goodall; Elaine White; Emma Pledger; Bergitte McGovern

April 2016

Answer the hedgehog quiz!

Winners - Violet Knight; Kayleigh Beirne; Clare Harris; Mike Jones; Helmar Leishman; Paul Anthony Gallagher

Under the sea

Winners - Ellie Hammett; Leo Bonapace; Jordan Havell

March 2016

That's not my squirrel!

Winners - Abdur-Rahmaan Mahmood; Megan Jones; Freya; Belle Clatworthy; Maymunah Mahmood 

Minibeast Adventures

Winners -  Betty & Daisy Algar; South End Infant School; Hannah & George McAlinden; Anna Bettis; William Ferguson

February 2016 - Winnie the Pooh quiz!

Winners - Susan Puccini; Dave Walker; Hannah Caves

December 2015 - How do you make your home wild?

Winners - Morwhenna Woolcock; Jo Jackson; Jan Barker

November 2015 - Make a bird feeder

Winner - Emily Scoging

October 2015 - Brambly Hedge

Take a look here! 

National Red Squirrel Week competition

Answer - True; False; True; True; True

Winners - Stephanie & Madison Chaplin, Emily Browne, Abigail Hazelwood

September 2015 - Badger quiz

Answer - A sett; yes; a sow

Winners - Emily Brown, Oliver Benson, Isla Sampson, Harry Stringer, Sam-Luca Guibert

August 2015 - What dance to male hen harrier perform to attract a mate?

Answer - Skydance

Winners - Jack Hoppes, the Barker Family, Izobel Anderson, Dan Archer, Wilf and Rose Turner, & Emily Wright

July 2015 - What do ospreys eat?

Answer - Fish. Winner - Holly Royston

June 2015 - Identify the creature

Answer - Badger. Winner - Harriet Burgess

May 2015 - Name the leaf

Answer - Oak. Winner - Violet Knight 

April 2015 - Name the butterfly

Answer - Peacock. Winner - Ruby Gilbert  

March 2015 - Where does a puffin live?

Answer - Down a burrow. Winner - Rachel Turner

Feburary 2015 - What bug?

Answer - Shieldbug. Winner - Matthew Lineham

January 2015 - Which finch?

Anwer - Goldfinch. Winner - Phillip Barker 

December 2014 - Which deer?

Answer - Red Deer. Winner - Lily Fawks

November 2014 - Who am i?

Answer - Seahorse. Winner - Amelie Ridley

October 2014 - Who's toes are those? 

Answer - CootWinner - Pierre Mechen

September 2014 - Name the hedgerow fruit

Answer - Rosehip. Winner - Cayleigh Duckworth

August 2014 - What is the sea anemone? 

Answer - Animal. Winner - Sam Puttipap

July 2014 -There's a ssssnake in the grassss

Answer - Adder. Winner - Mabel Barker

June 2014 - Eye Eye Eye

Answer - Toad. Winner - Megan Jackson