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Animal Key Rings Competition

Animal Key Rings Competition

For our Summer 2015 issue, we did something a little different! Instead of including a pull-out poster we created a nature palette, to show just how many different colours can be found in nature.

We asked everybody to track down those colours and send us a picture! We teamed up with Revell to give away five Animal Key Rings sets to the best entries.

Well we were absolutely overwhelmed by the number of entries we received! In total over 200 readers sent in their pictures. This is incredible because it means so many of you got out and about in nature. Unfortunately we could only name five winners but everybody who entered did such a fantastic job!

Below are the five lucky winners! Thank you to everybody who entered and well done. We hope you enjoyed your colour hunt! 


It was so difficult to choose but a very well done to our winners. Because of the number and quality of entries we also have some highly commended entries!: .




William Hooper, Surrey, Aged 7

William had the brilliant idea of walking around his garden and holding his nature palette up to things he found that matched the colours on there! He sent us a whole range of pictures, for each colour on the palette. Well done William!





Poppy Bateup, Cambridge, Aged 10

We loved Poppy's creative take on the nature palette! By taking pictures she didn't disturb any wildlife and managed to find some great matches at the same time.



Ellie-Mae Hallam, Staffordshire, Age 7

Ellie-Mae told us 'I found all these things in my garden, even the grasshopper who was on my lawn and I caught him, and the toad who was in our pond. The rest are my Mummy's flowers but not the sunflower because that is mine. The blue is a thistle with 2 big bees on it but you might not be able to see these.'



Theo Milsom, St Agnes, Aged 5

We love that Theo's nature palette is from the sea side - what a wonderful, creative mixture this is! 



Ethan Wiggam, Northern Ireland, Aged 5

Ethan took these pictures when he was on his holidays with his mum! We love that he thought about Wildlife Watch when he was on his trips. Thank you Ethan!


 Highly commended

As we had such a massive number of entrants, we also have a list of highly commended entries! 

Isla Barrack, aged 5

Poppy & Mia Clay, aged 7 & 5

Poppy Grafton, aged 4

Jane Dickson, aged 7

Luke Merrigan, aged 8

Anna, Elliot and Alice Wigley aged 7, 5 & 2

Alexa Jones, aged 2 and a half

We wish we had space to list every entry, as everybody did such a fabulous job. We hope you all use your palettes over and over again to explore lots of different habitats!