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Hungry Hedgehogs

A run-around game where children act as hedgehogs finding food

You will need:


  • a selection of different coloured pipe cleaners - at least 5 different colours, with 5-10 of each colour
  • score sheet showing each colour of pipe cleaner representing a different score (e.g. red = 0, blue = 2, orange = -2 etc)




Lay out the pipe cleaners on the floor at one end of the room in a random order, ensuring the different colours are evenly mixed. Explain to the children that the pipe cleaners represent worms and slugs - soem being juicier than others! the juiciest onces have the highest scores, whilst ones which equal 0 points or even minus points, represent slugs that have been poisoned by slug pellets (and will therefore poison hedgehogs).


Divide the children into evenly numbered teams. Have them sit down in their teams at the opposite end of the room to the pipe cleaners.


Once 'GO!' has been called, the first child from each team must pretend to be a hedgehog and crawl as fast as they can to fetch a worm/slug and bring it back to their team. PLEASE NOTE children must be told to pick up the pipe cleaners with their hands, NOT mouths.


Once one child has returned with a worm/slug, the next child from the team goes and so on, until there are no pipe cleaners left. 


Using the score sheet, read out each colour of worm/slug and the score it represents, then let the children work out their own team score. The team with the highest score wins.

Additional info

Leader - inside