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Spectacled Eider

I saw this bird at WWT Arundel and took a quick snap. I thought it was a young Eider duck but when I looked it up in my bird book it looked more like a spectacled Eider. What do you think?


Did you know... On gulls beaks they have a red dot which the chicks tap when they are hungary. If you hold out a yellow peice of paper with a red dot on to a gull chick they will tap the red dot to indicte they want food.


The average for house sparrows in peoples gardens is 6. I get between 20 and 30 and sometimes more!


ment to attach this to the Hedgehog comment!


On my way to school back in the spring I saw a goldcrest in the tree right by the path. I was so torn between getting to school on time and standing there watching it. It was right by Tesco's which is funny because I have also seen a stag beetle up there. Prehaps they like Tesco's.

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