If you join Wildlife Watch as a member you'll get all sorts of wildlife goodies - posters, magazines, stickers, a badge, a membership card and more! And, best of all, by being a member you'll be helping to protect your local wildlife. Fantastic!


What do members get? 


Wildlife Watch members receive a starter pack containing:


 A membership card


A 60 page ‘Wildlife Watcher's Handbook' packed full of activities, amazing photographs, info on UK wildlife and ideas for things to do. Plus Nick Baker, Springwatch star Simon King and other wildlife celebrities talk about their favourite wildlife!


A large A2 size UK wildlife poster bursting with amazing animals

A sheet of fantastic wildlife stickers


 A Wildlife Watcher badge


Information on our Wildlife Watch Awards schemes


And a folder to keep it all in.


Plus your local Wildlife Trust will keep you up to date with activities in your area. Members also get access to our UK-wide network of more than 300 Wildlife Watch groups and get to take part in our Watch awards schemes.


And, most important of all, your membership helps to protect wildlife where you live. Hooray!


How much does it cost to join? 


Young people can subscribe to Wildlife Watch as junior members of their local Wildlife Trust. Costs vary slightly around the UK depending on which Wildlife Trust you join - prices range from £10-£33 per year for child-only membership and £28-£55 for family membership.


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