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Year of British Wildlife

Our Winter 2015 issue of Wildlife Watch saw the chance to win a copy of 'The British Wildlife Year' by Dominic Couzens! 

This lavishly illustrated book provides a record of what happens in the natural world in Britain for every month of the year. It includes individual diaries for all common animals; from foxes, badgers and hedgehogs to blue tits and honey bees, as well as aquatic life and plants.

The competition

We asked you to share your favourite wild winter highlights! You could write a poem, take a picture, send us a description - whatever suited you. A very well done to all who took part! The winners are shown below:

Rebecca Musselle, aged 8

Megan Eaton, aged 9

Safiyah Mahmood, aged 12

Naomi Patel, aged 7

Madeleine Morgan, aged 10

Chloe Seymour, aged 9

Gwen Crees, aged 11

Amelia Rowe, aged 11

Keira Riordan, aged 13

Emily Prescott, aged 5

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