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Win a Whimsy Wood Book


With woodland creatures, pixies, fairies and lots of humour, the Whimsy Wood series by Sarah Hill is a new set of books full of enchantment. 

We asked you to use your imagination and draw a map of Whimsy Wood (where the books are set) to be in with the chance of winning a copy of 'Posie Pixie and the Copper Kettle'.



Here are our winners: 



Ella Hoondert (age 8) from Devon

Ella's Whimsy wood includes homes for badgers, rabbits, squirrels and pixies, and even has a very exciting 'Stump-oline' for tiny mice to bounce on.  


Emily Toon (age 6) from Lancashire

Emily's Whimsy Wood is full of colour and detail - there are even curtains in the houses. Residents of this wood can work at the Magic Pixie Fossil Mine, have fun at the Pixie Dancing Ring and then sleep at the Pixie Hotel.


Justine Pate (age 5) from Yorkshire


Justine has drawn a lovely bright wood and has included a pretty wild flower grove, a mushroom glenn and a pixie pond. We like that she's drawn a wise old oak tree too.  Well done Justine.


Oliver Todd (age 10) from Cumbria

There's a lot to look at in Oliver's Whimsy Wood, and the detail he's put in must have taken a lot of time and effort. There's a pixie picnic area (with cake included), rocks, riverbanks, dragonfly ponds, fish, flowers and toadstool houses too. We'd very much like to go there ourselves!



Samil Patel from Northamptonshire

In Samil's Whimsy Wood, every type of animal enjoys living there -from big grizzly bears to small wriggly worms. Even a man is going for a nice stroll down the path to see all of the nature around him. A great effort, good work Samil.