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Wildlife Watchers blog!

Our Wildlife Watchers are some of the most enthusiastic, passionate and brilliant young people! We realised that they have so many ideas for how other teenagers and young people can get in touch with nature, so we're inviting Wildlife Watchers like YOU to write guest blogs for us!

If you're interested in writing for the website, please email Leanne at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To read our other guest blogs, take a look here

My Marine Adventure!

Wildlife Watcher Jordan tells us all about the wildlife he's found along his local coastline!

Check out his blog, and all the wierd marine life you can find on the beach!







Sally the stranded seal

Rebecca Faulkner, from Alderney, happened upon a very unexpected visitor when she went rock-pooling! 

Read about her experience, and how she became a seal hero...



A proud wildlife watcher

Dara McAnulty shares how his love of nature has helped him to make sense of the world. He doesn't let his Asperger's hold him back, instead he just looks at the world in a different way.


Read his inspiring story here!


30 Days Wild with the Young Family

The Young family took part in our 30 Days Wild challenge and had such an amazing month, that they wanted to share it with you! 

From collecting feathers, to wild paddling, they tried a bit of everything.

Take a look here!


The Desert Marsh

Sam Brown lives in Lima, Peru! Here Sam compares Pantanos de Villa, and the bird species found there, to... Dorset!

Intrigued? Take a look!

Visiting South Uist

Harriet loves visiting South Uist! She wrote about it for our Brambly Hedge competition and we liked her entry so much we asked her to write a blog post all about it.

In this post she talks about bone collecting and beautiful beaches! 

Give it a read



Marine Mammal Medic Training

Jordan Havell recently undertook his Marine Mammal Medic training! Interested in giving it a go? 

Find out what's involved! 


A fabulous year of nature hunting - Zach Haynes

At the end of 2014 Zach Haynes decided to challenge himself to blog every day of 2015 about nature! His journey brought him an incredible year, full of exciting events and tonnes of wildlife! 

Have a read




Saving marine mammals - Jordan Havell

Do you want to directly help wildlife? Hear from Jordan! His inspirational story led to him winning a Young Animal Enthusiast of the Year Award at a star studded event!

Take a look


The love of geology - Sophie Bagshaw

Sophie loves all things nature, but rocks have always sparked her interest! Read about her fascination with geology, and how you can find interesting things every day...

Find out more



Going on a fungi hunt - Alex White

Beauty can be found everywhere in nature. Alex, aged 11, talks about how autumn is great for a fungi hunt, and about the journey that led to his image being recognised at the British Wildlife Photography Awards!  

Take a look! 




Overcoming anxiety and embracing wildlife - Liam Filtness

Liam, aged 18, shares his experiences with anxiety, and how wildlife photography helped him to overcome it. Read his blog post and be inspired. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Be inspired. 


A surprise guest! - Evelyn Cherry

Evelyn, aged 10, made a remarkable nature discovery on her patio. Take a read, and maybe you'll be inspired to go searching for some unusual wildlife!

Find out more


Plant cell pizza! - Rachel Bateman

Rachel, aged 11, tells us how making this plant cell pizza helped her to recognise just how complex and wonderful plants and animals are! 

It's certainly new way to remember your science! Have a read.



Life as a Wildlife Watcher in Alderney - Chloe Faulkner

Chloe, aged 7, is a Wildlife Watcher on the beautiful island of Alderney. Here she introduces you to life on Alderney, and talks about some of the spectacular wildlife she sees!

Take a look!


Bird ringing - Mya Bambrick

Mya is one of our active supporters, who loves spending her time dedicated to nature. You might have seen her featured in our Summer 2015 issue! Whether it's wildlife photography, bird ringing, drawing or blogging, she's always on the go. This blog post talks about a day spend bird ringing.

Read it here!

The Wirral - by Elliot Montieth

Elliot MontiethElliot Montieth is a birder, volunteer and photographer who is passionate about the Wirral! Elliot is lucky enough to have wildlife right on his doorstep and here he tells everybody just why the Wirral is so wonderful.

Read about his inspirations and the sights that amaze him every day. 

Take a look!