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Wildlife in the Street

Wildlife is always looking for somewhere to live and grow.  Even in urban streets you can find a world of wildlife if you look closely.  Take a look at the pictures below of urban wildlife and then see what you can spot on your way to school.


I-spy with my little eye...


Ivy on the wall



You might think that no wildlife lives on concrete and bricks, but look more closely and you will probably find that moss and lichen have taken hold.  Small cracks allow roots of plants such as ivy and buddleia to grow.










 Look up!



Collared dove nesting in a gutter





Gutters make ideal nesting sites for some birds.  House sparrows love them and this collared dove has also decided to raise its chicks in one. Take a look at more weird and wonderful nesting sites here! 










Grey squirrel on a lamp post





No tree no problem!  This urban grey squirrel is hanging out on a lamp post.











Peppered moth at the bus stop





It's quite hard to spot, but if you look closely you can see that there is a peppered moth on this tree trunk.  It is brilliantly camouflaged.  Maybe it's waiting to catch the bus!









waxwings on a roof




These waxwings are quite rare and only visit the UK in winter.  That doesn't mean that you have to go on a special trip to a wild place to see them though as they are often seen in urban areas.  Here they are sitting on the roof of somebody's house.







urban flowers





These beautiful wild flowers are growing on a patch of urban wasteland.  A perfect place for you to spot buzzing bees and insects.









Image credits: Ivy, peppered moth and urban wildflowers (c) Paul Hobson; Collared dove (c) Amy Lewis; Grey squirrel (c) Stu Bown; Waxwings (c) Margaret Holland