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Wildlife Baking!

This competition has now closed! Take a look at the winners below!


What was the competition?

We asked you to mix your love of wildlife with baking and create the perfect 'wild' treat! To help you think of ideas we created a pinterest board jam-packed with inspiration. Take a look!  Doesn't it make you hungry just looking at all those yummy treats?  There's a great recipe straight from Brambly Hedge! Mrs Crustybread sure knows how to bake! 

The winners!

All the entries were incredible, and it was obvious that a lot of time, energy and love had been put into the creations. You can see them all on our wildlife baking Pinterest board - take a look

After looking at the entries, Victoria Harwood, the author of Bush-Hog Tails, said "I love them all and it's so nice to see that this project has involved family time. It's exactly the sort of thing that I would have done with my boys when they were little! It's so hard to choose especially when you can see the amount of effort that has been put into them all."

We had to pick two winners however, and a big congratulations go to Lottie Burke and Emily Hardy!! 

Emily Hardy, aged 8, obviously took a lot of time over this wonderful chocolate hedgehog creation! We love the spikes made from chocolate buttons, and the lovely Malteaser nose!

Victoria said she loved the leaves placed around the hedgehog, making it look as though it was in its natural habitat. Well done Emily!



We LOVED this badger brownie from Lottie Burke, aged 10. We especially loved the marshmallow glint in the eye - what great attention to detail! 

We really liked how simple but yet effective this entry was, so well done Lottie! I hope you enjoy baking lots more wildlife-related goodies in the future.