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Whimsy Wood Competition


We had 5 copies of Sarah Hill's 'Whimsy Wood: Posie Pixie and the Fireworks Party' to give away - book four of the enchanting Whimsy wood series - a collection of adventures showing the world of Posie Pixi and her woodland friends. 

To win a copy, we asked you to draw your own Whimsy Wood character! We also asked you to give your character name and a treat to bring to the bonfire party. 

 And the five lucky winners are: 



Grace Potsig, Hexham

Grace created 'Lucy the Fairy', who would bring Bonfire Toffee as her treat!

Ellie Rowe, Yorkshire, Age 8

Ellie created  'Mr. FoxyBadge' who would bring a huge cake filled with chocolate to the fireworks party!  


Dylan Griffiths, Herts, Age 6

Dylan created 'Deer and Green Pixie' to attend the fireworks party!


Eve Lorigan, Stockport, Age 5

Eve created a 'Friendship Fairy' who would bring rain-drops to the fireworks party!


Rosa Krapichler, Berks, Age 3

Rose created 'Big-Eyes Goblin' who would being a cupcake and a sausage to the fireworks party!