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Scottish Wildlife Trust looks after over 120 nature reserves. To learn more about places to see wildlife around Scotland please click here

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Wildlife Watch groups 

Scottish Wildlife Trust has over 20 Wildlife Watch groups all over the country taking part in outdoor games and being nature detectives. 


Our visitor centres

In addition there are four visitor centres in Scotland, each with their own environmental education program.  Falls of Clyde in Southern Scotland has a high profile Peregrine Falcon protection and viewing project which has been on the go for over 10 years.  From March to September visiting schools are provided with educational and fun guided visits.


Montrose Basin Visitor Centre, on the East Coast, is internationally important for geese and other wildfowl.  They have a great interactive visitor centre, have teacher/naturalists on-site year round, and visiting school children get taken around the reserve, maybe even on a mud safari!


Loch of the Lowes, in Perthshire, is famous for the ospreys which nest here every year, not to mention the pine martens, red squirrels and fallow deer!


Jupiter Urban Wildlife Garden, in Grangemouth in Central Scotland, is an amazing wildlife oasis set in amongst a heavily industrialised area, which provides environmental education to schoolchildren, as well as being a beautiful place to visit.



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