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The Get Grubby Gang

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Group news and diary

April 2012 - Bird Ringing

We joined ornithologist Brian Bailey on a farm near Frampton-on-Severn early one Sunday morning, to find out all about Bird Ringing. These important surveys, collated by the British Trust for Ornithology, help naturalists gauge information on population trends, territories and migration of our feathered friends. We were shown a mist net which is really difficult to see, so no wonder birds are caught in it when they are whizzing along. Brian showed us how a bird is weighed and measured and how this is recorded and if it has been caught previously how records are compared. We learned about a study being undertaken on the wheatear, which migrates from Canada each year, traversing the farm on it's journey. We also heard a nightingale singing :o)

March 2012 - Daffodil Walk

We headed to the countryside near Dymock in Gloucestershire - an area that is world renowned for its fabulous daffodil displays for a springtime walk. Daffodils are an important early nectar source for emerging insects so we set to work spotting bugs during our walk, stopping in the woods to have a 'Stick Tower Building Competition'. On the way home we all stopped at Oxenhall Parish hall to sample their famous 'Daffodil Teas''s got to be done! ;o)

February 2012 - Bird Treats

Helping our feathered friends through the cold winter was the order of the day. Everyone agreed that they loved to see these endearing creatures in their gardens and wanted to encourage them more. So we made bird feeders of different designs, threaded monkey nuts, got squishy with lard and baked bird biscuits. We split into teams for a bird sounds quiz, looked at the challenges faced by migrating birds, and used some binoculars to see what birds were on the playing field feeders.

January 2012 - Wassailing

We returned to Thistledown Environmental Centre near Nympsfield to make a terrible racket and rid the young fruit trees of evil spirits and pests - or as some call it, Wassailing. By torchlight we banged our saucepans and blew our instruments for all we were worth, and danced around the orchard singing 'Oh apple tree, oh apple tree, we all come to wassail thee!'. Emma read the story of 'The little apple blossom', and we crowned a wassailing King and Queen. We warmed ourselves with warm mulled apple juice, and then hung toast in the branches of the trees to attract the robins who will then eat the pests, and poured cider on the roots of the trees (it wasn't actually cider, just water...well, it was dark...but shhhh, don't tell the children!)

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