There are 47 Wildlife Trusts covering the UK (and the Isle of Man and Alderney too). Use the map or the links below to find out more about the Wildlife Trust in your area and get involved with events, activities and Watch groups.

The Get Grubby Gang

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Group news and diary

April (session 1) - Eels in Crisis

For Sunday's session we played host to Andrew Kerr from The Sustainable Eel Group. Everyone was totally absorbed by Andrews's talk about this fascinating and mysterious creature. From the spawning grounds of the Sargasso Sea the glass eels travel over 4000 miles to the rivers of Europe, and that's where their troubles really start. There are over 1 million barriers standing in their way of reaching the upper reaches of rivers, where they have to spend several years in order to complete their life cycle. Barriers include dams, weirs, plus 25,000 hydro electric plants, which can turn the poor eels into sushi! This critically endangered fish has declined by 95% in just 25 years, and Andrew's organisation is working all around Europe to drum up support for this much maligned creature, and encourage their recovery. Andrew described the many engineering projects which are being undertaken around Europe to help eels, and other fish, bypass some of the barriers. These eel passes often consist of metal chutes/trays with bristle inserts, which the eels can navigate through, to get them to where they need to go. Living near the River Severn most of us at the session were familiar with seeing elvermen, with their elver nets on the tops of their cars. Andrew explained that whilst in the past elver (glass eels) were caught to be eaten, the country's appetite for the wriggly baby fish, often cooked with scrambled egg (eugh!) has declined, and nowadays 60% of the elvers caught are used to restock rivers elsewhere in Europe. the Youtube file below shows a clip about eels from Countryfile with Andrew and Ellie Harrison.

March 2017 - The Great (Crested) Newt Rescue

We had planned an afternoon of pond dipping in various locations around the village, but it turned into the epic rescue of a distressed great crested newt, stuck down a drain! We managed to retrieve the creature, which we think was a pregnant female, and left her to recover from her ordeal at a nearby wetland habitat. Exhausted from our superhero efforts we descended on The Stables, the local cafe, for a well deserved cuppa!

Dates for your Dairy - 2017

Sunday 19th March - Amphibians and Spawn
Sunday 2nd April - Eels - Andrew Kerr
Tuesday 18th April - Eco Trail - Forest Green Rovers
Sunday 4th June - Plankton - Ocean Ecology Ltd
August - Beekeeping - Peter Lead

May 2013 - Watch Group of the Year Celebration

Woohoo!!! We won The Watch Group of the Year Award - 2012!!!

And to celebrate Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust took us into the woods at Siccaridge Reserve in the Cotswolds for an afternoon of activities, learning and eating fire baked food!
We had a brilliant time making dens and Reserve Manager, Pete Bradshaw, showed us one of the badger sets subject to the badger vaccination programme that had been on the BBC 6 o'clock news that week. We saw some artificial dormouse nests and cooked bread dough and toasted marshmallows on the campfire. The afternoon finished with Roger Mortlock, the CEO of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, presenting us with our award :oD

May 2013 - Moths

We enlisted the help of Peter Hugo, the Moth Officer for the Gloucestershire Branch of Butterfly Conservation who gave a fascinating presetation on moths at Saul village hall. We learnt what makes a moth a moth, and not a butterfly and looked at some of the unusual names they have been given. We then walked to Watch leader Emma's garden where a moth trap had been set overnight and opened it up to see what treasures awaited inside. Unfortunately, the weather was very cold for May and there wasn't an awful lot of moths. Peter and Watch leaders Val and Jane had also set their traps overnight but the catches in these were also very low. Never-the-less, everyone got to have a close up look at these incredibly cool creatures!

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