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Testwood Lakes Watch

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Group news and diary

Pond-dip at Testwood Lakes

Which way?

We had a great pond-dip session at Testwood Lakes on Saturday. After a round of pond-bingo, we had a go at the lily-pad challenge, where we pretended to be frogs trying to hop across the lilies on the pond. But go the wrong way and you get eaten by the Testwood Lakes pike!

Lots of creatures to see ...

Baby newts.

We had a really good look in the big pond and found loads of diving beetles, water stick-insects and baby newts.... aaahh!

River snorkelling at Blashford Lakes.

Continuing with our aquatic theme .... don't forget that there is NO session at the end of August - instead we are going to Blashford Lakes ((BH24 3PJ) on Saturday 1st September, 10:30am-midday for a session of river snorkeling and river-dipping. Bring a wet-suit and mask/snorkel if you have one (we'll have some spares if you don't) old trainers and a warm change of clothes. You are welcome to stay on afterwards, bring a picnic and have a look around another of the Trust's flagship reserves. Please let us know if you are planning on being there.

Pond-dipping session on Saturday 28 July

We haven't had a look in the pond at Testwood Lakes this year - so time to check out what's there ... normal start time of 2pm.

And remember our last session where we had some visitors from the Campaign to Protect Rural England? Well, the good news is that following their visit, Wildlife Watch has been selected as a finalist for the CPRE Hampshire awards! Please encourage friends and family to vote for Wildlife Watch here: . Voting closes on 31st August.

Hot ... hot ... hot!

He Marched them up to the top of the Hill!

It was a REALLY hot day at Testwood Lakes but we still packed a lot in to our Explorer session. Ethan and Megan received their prize for 'Best Spring Scrapbook', we read The Great Explorer, found some explorery things around the Centre and then went off to do some exploring of our own with the help of a compass and a map. We had four teams - north, south,east and west - and had to find some missing letters on a trail all the way to the top of the Reserve. And, best of all, there were some ice-creams waiting for us when we got to the top of the hill! Does it get any better than that?