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Testwood Lakes Watch

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Group news and diary

A steamy afternoon for Magical Meadows.

Sweep nets at the ready!

It was the hottest day of the year for our Magical Meadows session at Wildlife Watch. That meant that there were lots of insects to find in the lovely Testwood Lakes meadow. We found crickets, shield bugs, moths and lots of butterflies. But it was sooo hot that we had to have an icecream too!

Mini-beast homes for our pollinators.

Pollinators on the housing ladder!

In the shade of the woods, we found out what creatures are pollinators, did some pollination of our own and made some super mini mini-beast homes for all creatures great and small - just by re-cycling some plastic bottles, some bits of string and a few sticks and leaves. Des Res or what?

The Hungry Caterpillar

Peacock caterpillar.

We look forward to hearing how you get on with rearing your peacock caterpillars.

Our next session at Testwood Lakes will be a journey through the sensory world of the animal kingdom. Join us on Saturday 27 July, 2-4pm..

Magical Meadows at Testwood Lakes

Join us at Testwood Lakes on Saturday 29 June when we'll be finding out about meadows, flowers and pollination. This is our contribution to National Meadows Week. See:

Pond-dip Special!

Testwood Lakes Pond-dip team ready for action!

What a super day we had at Testwood Lakes on Saturday. Three of our Wildlife Watchers gave talks for their Kestrel Awards. Well done all of you! Then we headed outside to have a look in the pond.