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Paxton Pits Wildlife Watch

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The group meets on a Saturday at Paxton Pits Education Centre, Little Paxton which is set within a wonderful nature reserve known locally for its nightingales and the abundance of its other wonderful wildlife. Our Watch leaders are dedicated to ensuring that every child leaves the reserve full of enthusiasm after their fun meeting. The group meets on the second weekend of each month, from 10am until 12 noon. For more information about Paxton Pits Wildlife Watch Groups, please contact: Debbie McKenzie on 01480 473161. Due to high demand, this group often operates a waiting list, but we look forward to welcoming you to the group.

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Group news and diary

Forthcoming meetings 2013

Jan 12th/13th: Bird Café – create a menu, make the food!

Feb 9th/10th : Rapturous pellets – skulls, etc. can you find out what raptors eat?

Mar 9th/10th : Cosying down – Who nests where? Not just the birds!

Apr 20th/21st : Poo! – A variety of excrement! Good for us or bad?

May 11th/12th : Buzzing around the nursery – Godmanchester bees

June 8th/9th : Waterside fun – focus on fish

July 13th/14th : Farm visit – Wasseldine? – Red Poll cattle and storytime

Sept 14th : A batty adventure – an evening finding out about bats

Oct 12th/13th : Orb Crazy – Spiders and webs

Nov 9th/10th : Fungi fun – at a local wood

Dec 7th/8th : Have a party – Christmas frolics

Forthcoming meetings - Autumn/Winter 2012

SUN 9 SEPT— Earth movers; worms, bugs and compost
SUN 14 OCT—Tree identification and hedgehogs
SUN 11 NOV—Tree planting
SUN 9DEC—Christmas trail

Forthcoming meetings - Autumn/Winter 2012

SAT 8 SEPT— Earth movers; worms, bugs and compost
SAT 13 OCT—Tree identification and hedgehogs
SAT 10 NOV—Tree planting
SAT 8 DEC—Christmas trail

Forthcoming meeting dates:

Sat 12th / Sun 13th May - Deadly Six
Sat 16th / Sun 17th June - Meadowland Nature moment
Sat 14th July / Sun 15th July - Pond Olympics

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