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Mere Sands Wood

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Group news and diary

Den building tomorrow!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Mere Sands Wood page at Wildlife Watch.
Tomorrow we're meeting at the wood at 2pm to find out what sort of places animals use to sleep or hide, and to build some dens for ourselves. We're not going to let a showery forecast put us off and we hope you won't either!

If you can't make it tomorrow why not join us on 3rd March for mini-beast hunting?

Our group

Type your text here...Hi everyone, and welcome to the Watch group at Mere Sands Wood.Why not join us exploring this fantastic nature reserve and finding out about some of the many plants and animals that live there? We usually meet on the first saturday of the month from 2 - 4pm.
Check out our 2017 programme below.

Sat Apr 1st 2 - 4 pm Wild Art.
We're off round the reserve looking for inspiring materials to create artworks in the woods.

Sat May 6th 2 - 4 pm Pond Dipping.
What creatures can we find living in our ponds? We'll get up close and try to work out who eats who in the pond!

Sat June 10th 2 - 4 pm What have trees ever done for us?
The reserve's land manager Ian Wright (who knows a thing or two about trees) will join us for a walk in the woods to find out as much as we can about these amazing plants. We'll play some games and make 'tree spirits' as well.

Sat Jul 1st 2 - 4 pm. Meadow sweeping.
We'll go into the meadow looking for insects living among the flowers in this lovely part of the reserve. Hopefully we can find out something about the butterflies that live there.

August - no meeting - we're all out and about exploring wild places wherever we're spending the summer holidays.

Sat Sept 16th 7 - 8.30 pm Bat Evening.
Mr H Green and his colleagues will join us to answer all our questions about our native bats, and as it starts to get dark we'll go out into the wood to look for some. Bring a torch!

Sat Oct 7th 2 - 4pm Fungi.
An afternoon exploring the amazing world of fungi. What are they? What do they do? How many different sizes/shapes/colours of fungi can we find on the reserve?

Sat Nov 11th 2 - 4pm Lancashire Hawks and Owls
The people who rescue and care for these wonderful birds will visit to tell us about them, and introduce us to some of them.

Sat Dec 2nd 2 - 4pm A Winter Walk, Treasure Hunt and Tree Dressing.
Then a festive treat indoors.

2015 Diary

Sat Jan 10th 2 - 4 pm Blue trail treasure hunt and winter walk followed by a
drink and a biscuit in the warm.

Sat Feb 7th 2 - 4 pm Spot the bird boxes. How many can you see? Are
the birds using them? Make a bird feeder.

Sat Mar 7th 2 - 4 pm Bug Hunt in the woods. Which creatures are hiding
from you? See if you can find them. Then make a snail

Sat Apr 4th 2 - 4 pm A Water Adventure. Look closer at ponds, streams and
lake; their colour, depth, shape, clean/dirty, quiet/noisy.

Sat May 2nd 2 - 4 pm Spring Pond Dipping. Let's see what we can find in our
ponds and have a closer look using the microscope.

Sat Jun 6th 2 - 4 pm What do you know about butterflies? Catch one in the
meadow, then make your own butterfly mask.

Sat Jul 4th 2 - 4 pm Can you name some of the trees on the reserve? How
do they help the birds and animals?

No Meeting in August - we're all out and about watching wildlife!

Sat Sep12th 7 - 8.30 Bat Evening. Learn about bats then enjoy a walk in
in the wood in the dark to look and listen for them.

Sat Oct 10th 2 - 4 pm Scavenger Hunt. What interesting things can you find
to make your own Autumn sculpture?

Sat Nov 14th 2 - 4 pm Winter Earthwalk. Games and activities on the reserve.

Sat Dec 5th 2 - 4 pm Hedgehogs! Another exciting visit by Sue Lewis from
the Rochdale hedgehog rescue centre. Then a few festive
treats. Please bring a treat for the hedgehogs (they like
tins of chicken cat-food)

July 5th Watch meeting

Hello everyone,
remember that July's Watch meeting is at the earlier time of 10am. We're going to have a look at the moths we've caught in the traps overnight before we release them, Hopefully there'll be lots to see and talk about.
See you there.

2014 Diary

Sat 1st Feb Winter Pond Dip Mere Sands Wood 2 - 4pm
Which creatures will we find hiding from the cold in our pond?
We'll have some indoor activities as well for when we get cold ourselves!

Sat 1st Mar Bug Hunt Mere Sands Wood 2 - 4pm
Let's see how many mini-beasts we can find on the reserve, and try to count all their legs. Then we'll make our very own mini-beast.

Sat 5th Apr Meet Our Trees Mere Sands Wood 2 - 4pm
Enjoy games and activities around the reserve. Make your own tree spirit.

Sat 3rd May Spring Pond Dipping Mere Sands Wood 2 - 4pm
Compare the creatures we found in February with those we find today.

Sat 7th Jun Meadow Sweeping Mere Sands Wood 2 - 4pm
Come and learn about dragonflies and damselflies, then see if we can find some in the meadow

Sat 5th July Moths Mere Sands Wood 10am - 12
Be here when the moth traps are opened in the morning by our expert volunteer Roy Boydell

August - no meeting - happy holidays!

Sat 13th Sep Bat Evening with Mr. H. Green Mere Sands Wood 7 - 8.30pm
Live bats in the classroom, then a walk in the wood to listen for wild bats.

Sat 11th Oct Autumn Pond Dipping Mere Sands Wood 2 - 4pm
We'll bring our finds into the classroom to look at with the microscope, then make our own pond creature.

Sat 1st Nov Signs of Autumn Mere Sands Wood 2 - 4pm
A walk in the wood collecting materials for an indoor art sculpture.

Sat 6th Dec Owl Talk Mere Sands Wood 2 - 4pm
A slide presentation by Peter Smith, bird photographer. Then we'll dissect some owl pellets to see what they've been eating, and have a little treat ourselves.

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