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Jupiter Watch

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Group news and diary

Fun at Jupiter in 2013!

What's happening with the Jupiter Watch group in 2013.....

January 12th - Hibernation Station.
A lot of animals spend winter sending up zzzs, while others head off to find sunshine somewhere else. Which would you do?

February 2nd – Map Madness.
Do you know which way is north from south? We'll make some maps of Jupiter and see if we can follow them without getting lost!

March 2nd – Bush Crafty.
Would you be able to survive a night in the wilds of Jupiter? Hopefully we won't have to, but have fun learning some skills that would be handy if you did.

April 6th – Watch garden tidy up.
Our wee Watch garden could do with a bit of a spring clean now winter is finally over. We’ll be cutting plants back and doing a bit of planting.

May 4th – The great Jupiter pond survey!
Who lives in our ponds? And what do they do in there? We’ll have a look in a couple of the ponds to see if there’s a difference between them.

Friday June 7th – Wild food campfire! 6 to 8 pm.
Last year’s campfire was so popular, we’re going to do it again! We’ll have a look for edible treats around Jupiter then cook them up on a fire in the woods. Make sure you bring an appetite!

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