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Ipswich Wildlife Watch Group is Suffolk's only urban group. The group meets on the second saturday of each month betweeen 10am-Noon in Holywells Park in Ipswich. The park has many different habitats and is a great place to see wildlife in the town. To find out more about the group, email:

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Group news and diary

Upcoming events in 2012

- Sat July 14th 2012: Minibeasts!
In the height of summer, wildlife is all around us. But sometimes you have to look really carefully to find the most amazing creatures right under your feet...

- Sat August 11th 2012: The water of life.
Water is vital for life, and it can be great fun too! Come and find out what’s living in the streams and ponds of the park, and find out what else water can do!

- Sat September 8th 2012: Perfect plants!
Plants are amazing; we couldn’t live without them! This month wildlife watchers will be finding out about all the different plants in Holywells Park, and what wonderful things we can make with them!

- Sat October 13th 2012: Fabulous fungus fun!
Fungi are fascinating things, and come in all shapes and sizes. Come along and find out more about them. And we’ll find out what else is going on in autumn in Holywells park.

- Sat November 10th 2012: Awesome autumn...
The green trees have turned all sorts of beautiful colours. Chestnuts and conkers are just waiting to be found. What can we find and what can we make with autumn’s bounty?

- Sat December 8th 2012: Winter wonderland.
It may be a bit chilly outside but there’s lots to see and do. We’ll be making Christmas decorations and finding out how animals are surviving the winter...

Upcoming events in 2012:

- Sat January 14th 2012: Winter survival whatever the weather!
In the depths of winter, survival is the name of the game for much of our wildlife. But, whatever the weather, Ipswich wildlife watchers will be out and about learning tracking skills and seeing what we can find...

- Sat February 11th 2012: The creatures of Holywells Park
As winter comes to an end we’ll be wrapping up warm to look for the first signs of spring, and learning about the different creatures that live in Holywells Park.

- Sat March 10th 2012: Mud, mud, glorious mud!
This month we’ll be doing all sorts of things with mud, and if spring is springing, we’ll fit in a bit of pond dipping too. Put on your oldest scruffiest clothes for this one and bring wellies if you have them!

- Sat April 14th 2012: Egg-cellent Easter wildlife fun!
As spring takes hold, we’ll be finding out about eggs and baby birds. We’ll be making some egg themed arts and crafts, and of course hunting for the chocolate variety.

- Sat May 12th 2012: All of a twitter at Holywells Park
Some wonderful birds come from far flung lands in spring to raise a family and spend the summer in Holywells Park. Come and find out more about them, and try making your very own birds nest!

- Sat June 9th 2012: Barking up the right tree!
We’ll have a tree-mendous time! There will be lots of wildlife to spot now that summer is coming. Come along and discover the trees of Holywells, and see what you can create from their twigs and leaves.

Our next events are as follows:

- August 13th 2011: Summer fun and games in Chantry Park
It’s the summer holidays - time to enjoy the sun in the peaceful surroundings of Chantry Park. But there’ll be no time for sunbathing! We’ve got games, art challenges, wildlife spotting and much more: a great introduction to the Ipswich Wildlife Watch group.

- September 10th 2011: Water and wildlife in Holywells Park
It’s the end of summer and its back to school. But the ponds are full of life, the trees are still green and the park is alive with animals and birds. Come pond dipping for all sorts of interesting creatures and try your hand at watercolour painting in picturesque Holywells Park.

- Oct 8th 2011: Awesome autumn activities in Chantry Park
Autumn is coming. Who is ready to hibernate? How will all the plants and animals survive the winter? And what can wildlife watchers create with the multicoloured leaves? Come and find out for yourself in Chantry Park.

- Nov 12th 2011: Tree-mendous fungus fun in Holywells Park
Autumn is turning to winter. But there’s plenty of wildlife to see. Discover some wonderful fungi and get really in touch with a tree! Come and discover what autumn has to offer in Holywells Park.

- December 10th 2011: Winter wildlife wonders in Chantry Park
The trees have shed their leaves. It’s time to make some Christmas wreathes! Come and discover the beautiful sights of winter in Chantry Park.

To find out more about the group email

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