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Hinchingbrooke Wildlife Watch

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Hinchingbrooke Wildlife Watch group meets at Hinchingbrooke Country Park Visitors Centre, Huntingdon. The Country Park covers 170 acres of open grasslands, meadows, woodlands and lakes with a wealth of wildlife everywhere. Our leaders, David, Ursula, Beverly, Jackie, Helen and Mark know the Park well and take huge pleasure in helping young people explore its treasures. Wildlife Watch meetings usually take place on the second Saturday of the month, from 10.30am to 12.30pm and cost £3 for the first family member and £1 for every other member. For more information about this group, please contact David Robinson on: 01480 388666. For more information about forthcoming events see the event diary below. We look forward to welcoming you to the group.

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Group news and diary

Meeting dates for 2018

14th April - Bird ringing

12th May - Pond dipping

9th June - Minibeast hunting

30th June - An evening quest for bats! (starts at 8pm)

14th July - Hide in the woods

8th September - Ring of Fruit

13th October - Fairy rings & fungi

10th November - Pine Craft/Tree Planting

8th December - Christmas

Meeting dates 2015

10th January - Ruffle those Feathers

14th February - Birthday Fun

14th March - National Science Week

11th April - Castles and Forts

9th May - Blooming and Buzzing

13th June - Ringing the Changes

27th June - Cycling Day Trip, Huntingdon to St Ives

11th July - Making a Splash

12th September - Think like a Squirrel

9th & 10th October Don’t get Caught Out - Small Mammal Trapping

14th November - Calendar Year

12th December - Twelve Golden Geese and other fables

Forthcoming Meetings Autumn/Winter 2014

Saturday 13 September – Fruity Forays

Saturday 11 October – Trapped in a Den

Saturday 8 November – Mystery Mayhem

Saturday 13 December – Lucky 13 Party

2013 Programme of Watch meetings

12th January - Nailed on Arts
Creating natural colours onto wood

9th February - Early Signs
Scrap kites and discovery walk

9th March - Mini Gardening Delights
Tray garden designs

13th April - Ringing Good Year
See who has flown into the mist nets as Bird Ringer Mike Drew returns

11th May - Blind Dens
Den Building, trusting your sense of touch and feel

8th June - Dipping into Summer
Pond dipping (in case you hadn’t guessed)

22nd June - Mid Summer Bats on Woodwalton Fen
Family nocturnal walk at the Woodwalton Fen, the oldest National Nature Reserve, Meet at 7:45pm

13th July - Emperors & Darters
Damselfly & Dragonfly hunting & meadow sweep netting

31st August - Summer Social Afternoon with bbq
More info to follow….

14th September - Looking for Treasure
Dye making and food hunting

11th & 12th October - Capture & Release
*Friday evening 5:30-7pm and early Saturday morning 8-10:30am* Early start as we are small mammal trapping and do not wish to stress the mammals by leaving them too long before releasing back.

9th November - All Fired Up and Creative
Blown ink art, potato printing, leaf letters

14th December - The Crafty Party
Why not party with Christmas so near?

Forthcoming meetings

Sat 9th June - Giant Jubilee Art
With the park as our backdrop, let's create a masterpiece

Sat 23rd June - Mid Summer social on the Brook
Bellboating returns again as we head down to Portholme Meadow on the brook, starting from the sailing centre at 4.30pm.

Sat 14th July - Photo finish the Olympics are here!
Speed is of the essence as we find out who is the fastest in the park at our Olympics. Plus we launch a Snappy Wildlife Challenge.

August - no meeting

Sat 15th Sept - Dipping
Reinvestigate the upper reaches of Alconbury Brook

Sun 16th Sept - Help raise some funds for the Wildife Trust and our Watch Group at the Native Wild Plant Sales

Sat 13th Oct - Fungal foray
Mushroom, fungus or spore?

Sat 10th Nov - Coppicing back
Coppicing back dominant species to ensure biodiversity

Sat 8th Dec - Our Snapshots of the Year
Bring in your favourite images of the year as we celebrate with a grand mystery themeless party, so please bring some of your favourite food to share

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