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Far Ings

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We meet on the first Sunday of the month at 1pm for about 2 hours and our sessions take place on the nature reserve at Far Ings.

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Group news and diary

2020 dates for your diary

We usually meet on the first Sunday of each month at Far Ings Education & Visitor Centre, Far Ings Road, Barton upon Humber, DN18 5RG. Sessions cost £2 per child and run from 10am-12noon or 1pm-3pm. Places must booked for each meeting by contacting 01652 637055 or email

No meeting

Sunday 2 Feb - Homes & Feeders
Find out how we can help animals and birds by
making homes and feeders for them. Make one
of your own to take home

Sunday 1 March - Spring Clean
Please meet at Ness End Farm car park.
Help us with our annual spring clean, collecting
any litter and planting wild flowers

Sunday 5 April - Life in the Leaf Litter
Come and investigate the small creatures that live
under old leaves and logs

Sunday 3 May - The Cycles of Life
The animals and birds are springing into life and
getting ready to have young. We will take a look at
some of their fascinating life cycles

Sunday 7 June - Pond Dipping
One of our favourite activities. We will take a look at
some of the wonderful creatures found in the pond
and get a close up view using the microscopes

Saturday 20 June - Wildlife Watch's BIG WILD WEEKEND!
Join families from other watch groups across the county
for a day of wildlife filled activities at Cleethorpes

Sunday 5 July - Pollinators & Plants
We will zoom in on some flowers to see which pollinators
are busy working away in them

Sunday 9 - Monday 10 Aug (time TBC) - Sleepover
An evening and morning of wildlife activities. Including
wildlife that comes out at night, things we can make from
plants and watching wildlife as the sun rises

Sunday 6 Sept - Tremendous Trees
This month we will be looking at how we can recognise
different trees and learning about why they are so important
for us and wildlife

Sunday 4 Oct - Fruits & Seeds
We will celebrate nature’s harvest and discover the huge
variety of fruits and seeds produced by trees and plants

Sunday 1 Nov - Lichens & Mosses
Discover amazing lichens, how fungi and algae work
together and how they can tell us about how clean the air is

Sunday 6 Dec - Christmas Celebration
Our annual get together to celebrate the wonderful wildlife
we have seen and learnt about this year

Our 2018 dates!

We usually meet on the first Sunday of each month at Far Ings Education & Visitor
Centre, Far Ings Road, Barton upon Humber.
Sessions runs from 1.00 - 3.00pm (unless otherwise stated) and places must booked for each meeting. Please contact us at:
01652 637055

January 7th Bird watch
We will be watching birds visiting our feeders,
finding out how birds survive the winter and
learning how they get ready for spring.

February 4th Nature stories
Join us for some storytelling and have a go at
performing a wildlife puppet tale of your own.

March 4th Spring clean
Help us with the Great British Spring Clean as
we collect any litter and create some artwork
from recycled materials
April 8th (NB not 1st Sun) Spring awakening
Learn about the animals that are waking up
after a long winter and what they do to get
ready for spring.

May 6th Love Lincolnshire Plants
Learn about how to collect and dry examples
of plants at Far Ings.

June 3rd Dragons and damsels
Find out about the amazing lives of dragonflies
and damselflies.

July Date to be confirmed Watch Day Out
A special day of activities with members of
other Watch groups.

August 5th Picnic in the park
Join us in Baysgarth Park in Barton and have
fun taking part in tree treasure hunts and other

September 2nd Super spiders
Find out about spiders, how they make their
webs and catch their prey.

October 7th Love Lincolnshire Plants
This month we will be making our own
herbarium pages with the pressed plants we
collected in May and discovering some
fascinating plant folklore.

November 4th Marine magic
We will explore the underwater world of the
North sea and make some super sea creatures
of our own.

December 2nd Festive decorations
Celebrate the festive season by making some
decorations using natural materials.

2017 dates!

We meet on the first Sunday of each month at Far Ings Education & Visitor
Centre, Far Ings Road, Barton upon Humber.
Sessions runs from 1.00 - 3.00pm (unless otherwise stated) and places must booked for each meeting. Please contact us at:
01652 637055

February 5th Wild Light!
Discover the world of bioluminescence and make your own glow in the dark creature.

March 5th Trees and Seeds
Lets get our hands dirty and plant some trees and wild flowers this spring.

April 2nd Bees and Pollination
A walk with the warden to learn about our fantastic bees at Far Ings and have a go at the pollination challenge!

May 7th Marvellous Mini-beasts
What crawling, flying, wriggling and fluttering things can we find and what are
they called ? Lets have a go at some identification techniques and tell our bugs from our beetles and spiders from our flies!

June 4th Pond Dipping
What’s lurking under the surface of the water at Far Ings this summer?

August 6th Lovely Ladybirds
2017 is the Watch year of the Ladybird! Fun facts, activities and crafts all to do with our favourite colourful beetle.

September 3rd Nature’s Bounty
Nature provides us with many, many different resources. We will be heading out to see what fine foods, drinks, fabulous fabrics and colours we can find at Far Ings.

October 1st Wiggly Wrigglers
What’s wriggling in the grounds of Far Ings? Join us to get involved in the
national ‘Earthworm Watch’ survey and have a go at making your own

November 5th Mammals -Tracks and signs
Be a nature detective and investigate what clues our wildlife leaves us on the Nature Reserve.


We've had a great time re-launching the group in 2015 and now we'd like you to come and join in the fun!
Here is our programme for 2016!

We meet on the first Sunday of each month at Far Ings Education & Visitor Centre, Far Ings Road, Barton upon Humber.
Sessions runs from 1.00 - 3.00pm
(unless otherwise stated) and places must booked for each session by the preceding Wednesday.

Each session costs £1.00 per child.
Children can also join Wildlife Watch, but don't have to be members to come along.
To book and find out more, contact Wildlife Watch Far Ings at:

Far Ings NNR Education & Visitor Centre
Far Ings Road
Barton upon Humber
North Lincolnshire
DN18 5RG
01652 637055

January 3rd Tracks and Signs
Practice your wildlife tracking skills as we search the reserve for signs left by winter wildlife. Will we find tracks in the mud or spot some hairs left on a fence?

February 7th A Hotel for Minibeasts
Help us create a luxury home for all sorts of minibeasts in our education

March 6th Wildlife Garden
Get stuck in to our butterfly garden as we tidy up after the winter and make sure there will be loads of lovely flowers for the butterflies and bees.

April 3rd Signs of Spring - Phenology
Help with the study of how climate
affects our wildlife by recording some first signs of spring. Will we spot a bumble bee or the first new leaves on a tree?

May 1st May Day celebration
Celebrate the coming of summer by
making May garlands and creating some green men.

June 5th Dragonflies and beetles
Learn about these amazing insects as we go out on the reserve to find some and try to get up close.

Saturday July 16th
Members day at Snipe Dales
Head to Snipe Dales for a fun day with Wildlife Watchers from all the groups across the county. Times & directions provided in June.

August 7th 8-10pm Night walk
A special summer adventure in the dark. Bring a torch and be prepared to search out bats, moths and other night time wildlife.

September 4th Spiders
No need to be afraid—find out about these fascinating creatures and their wonderful web building abilities.

October 2nd Fantastic Fungi
Find out about the amazing world of fungi and their fabulous fruit. Design and name your own mushroom.

November 6th Trip to Donna Nook
A special visit to see the wonderful seal colony at Donna Nook. There will be lots of pups at this time of year. Meet at Donna Nook at 1pm.

December 4th Christmas Celebration
Celebrate the winter with activities and games. Bring your ideas and requests for next year.

We're back! Our 2015 programme

June 7th What’s in the Water?
Come pond-dipping with us and discover the weird and wonderful mini-beasts below the surface!

July 5th All A’Flutter
Enjoy the beautiful Butterflies and Dragonflies on the reserve, and find out why we only see them in the summer.

August 2nd Bloomin’ Lovely
Explore the abundance and variety of flowers and seeds to be found at Far Ings; and find out why there aren’t many red flowers.

September 6th The Big Eat
As autumn approaches, we’ll look at how some creatures prepare for winter.

October 4th Who’s Coming and Going?
Get those binoculars out and see which birds are migrating through Far Ings.

November 1st Leaf It Out!
Animals aren’t the only ones that need to survive the winter. Discover some of the amazing ways plants and trees get through the cold weather.

PLUS! For our December session, don’t miss our Christmas Party! What did you think of the year’s activities? What would you like to see next year? Eat, drink, play games and be Merry!

Our group meets on the first Sunday
of the month from 1pm-3pm at:
Far Ings Visitor Centre,
Far Ings Rd.
South Humberside,
DN18 5RG
The group is open to young people aged between 6 and 11 years old.*

Each session costs £1 per child.

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for going outside, like waterproofs and wellies if it's likely to be wet - including Mums and Dads!

Tel: Julie Ellison 07586293860
Amy Hoggins 07794743272

*Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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