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Cuerden Wildlife Explorers

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Group news and diary

Acorns and Spinning Jennies - Oct

We collected acorns, hawthorn berries, and other seeds. Making pots from newspaper we then planted the seeds in compost then took some home or planted on Cuerden

Poppies and natural dyes

Here some finished product.

Poppies and natural dyes November 11

Using natural dyes we made poppies on white cloth. You can see we used raspberries for red..

September Potty about pipistrelles

Starting with a bbq and the Bat and Moth game, September's meeting enabled us to find a roost site for pipistrelles. We did have to finish early once the slight drizzle changed to heavy rain. We will keep the location confidential

Bugs and beasties

One little girl found a new hair decoration.