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We meet on the 3rd Sunday of every month, 1.30pm to 3.30pm, at the Attenborough Nature Centre (sometimes this varies if we plan to meet somewhere else).

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Group news and diary

May 2013 Tree health

A large turn out on a lovely sunny day at Bramcote Hill's Park. We looked at the health of trees by measuring them and looking for diseases of oak, ash and horse chesnut trees. This was part of an OPAL survey which will help scientists find out what is happening to our trees in England.

Tim, Charlotte and Zoe's den

This is their den.

March 2013 Elves in Elvaston

Tim, Charlotte and Zoe are showing off the den they made in the woodland at Elvaston. We saw lots of elves too, did they keep on moving to different places when we weren't looking?

February 2013 Winter bird watch

We listened to a slide show telling us how to identify waterfowl and then went out and identified lots. We also saw a buzzard sitting on a telegraph pole watching us watching the ducks!

Sunday January 2013 - Homes for Birds

We made nest boxes for our gardens from a flat pack kit.
Those nails were hard to hammer in!

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