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There is a second den building wild life watch in Gloucester on 27 january.


The den building was a week before.I was devastated when I found my mum had the wrong date.

In my garden their is now a wildlife pond and crab apple tree.

moth e :)
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wildlife watch

if your from gloucester wildlife watch come den building on the 10th october.

moth_e :)

summer 2017

This year I went to south snodonia on holiday and saw many things but the best thing was seeing a perigrine falcon for the first time.The photo was taken by my mum my one is extremly blury.Once I'd come back I was cycling with my mum when I saw my first ever kestrel.This was better for me as we have 4 team at my school each named after a bird of prey one of which is called Kestrels which is the one I am in.Ever since I joined that team I've wanted to see one so that was my lucky day.The other teams are Falcons, Hawks and Eagles.
:)moth e

Gloucester Wildlife Watch group

Gloucester Wildlife Watch group\\\\\\\'s next event looks fun. Why not come? If you didn\\\\\\\'t know about Gloucester watch group, you can find out about it on this link:
The picture was from March\\\\\\\'s gathering. The next one will be an Easter orientiering treasure hunt.

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