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The Wildlife Watch Team visits Pip!


Pip the Squirrel welcomes the Wildlife Watch team to the British Wildlife Centre and the fabulous new Pip’s Corner play area.


Recently, the Wildlife Watch team visited the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, home to Pip the Squirrel and her many friends.  One of the first areas they went to was the red squirrel walk-through: a fantastic enclosure that allows visitors to share space with a group of red squirrels and see them close-up.  It took a little while of careful watching, but soon several red squirrels came down from the trees to investigate and grab some peanuts from the special feeding stations!


As we walked around the Centre we saw all sorts of amazing British wildlife, including otters, foxes, badgers, polecats and some particularly lively weasels using their network of tunnels in a game of chase.  The enclosures are all designed to be as natural as possible and closely reflect the animal’s preferred habitat.  This was especially true of the barn owl aviary, which is decorated and designed to look exactly like a traditional barn, including bales of straw and farm equipment!

One of the smallest of the animals at the Centre (and often most difficult to spot) is the harvest mouse. They are so well adapted to climbing amongst the long grass and wheat stalks.  You have to keep still and watch out for any movement in the grass, and suddenly you see them dart about. They are very cute!


Pip the Squirrel loves discovering all about how our wildlife lives and what different habitats they prefer.  Every animal has different skills and abilities which help them to survive, and Pip likes to encourage us all to explore these for ourselves.  To do this, a new area has been opened at the Centre called ‘Pip’s Corner’ which is a special play area where children are challenged to try and copy the different skills of lots of our wildlife.  For example, you can try to build a nest like a heron, crawl through tunnels like badgers, see if you can jump as high as a rabbit, a frog or a fox and slide down banks like an otter – it’s lots of fun!


It was lovely to show the Wildlife Watch team around the Centre and introduce them to Pip’s home and friends and we hope they can come back again very soon! 

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