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The Dark Wild Competition

The Dark Wild Competition



We had five copies of Piers Torday's The Dark Wild to give away - the sequel to The Last Wild where we meet twelve-year old Kester who thought he had discovered the last wild animals on land. But he was wrong..

For your chance to win a copy, we asked you to tell us what one question you would ask an animal if they could speak. And the five lucky winners are: 



Faye Camplin, Birmingham, Age 7

Faye would ask a caterpillar: "What colour will you choose when you become a butterfly?"


Sarah Fair, Coventry, Age 8

Sarah would ask an eagle: "Have you ever caught an animal and dropped it?" 


Kerri Gillies, East Lothian

Keri would ask a speaking animal: "OMG! How can you talk? And Why?" 


Amelia Rowe, Yorkshire, Age 10

Ameila would ask a butterfly: "What is your favourite flower?" so that she can plant more in her garden to attract more butterflies. 


Jonah Freeman, Bromley, Age 6

Jonah would ask a sloth: "Why do you hag upside down?"