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Super Snails

We asked you to get creative and design or colour in a snail to be in with the chance of winning a special worm, spider, ant, snail or ladybird kit and become an expert wildlife explorer. A huge thank you to our friends at Interplay for providing these five fantastic My Living World prizes.







Things you used to decorate your snails and bring them to life:

pens, pencils, paint, tin foil, tissue paper, buttons, moss, felt, feathers, sequins, glitter (lots and lots of it!), stickers, magazine adverts, stars, acorns, shells, pom poms, leaves, tinsel, gems, plastic, pencil sharpener shavings, pasta, mud, twigs, and some well- placed googly eyes!   




Your snail slideshow!



It was incredibly difficult to pick the winners and our judges were so pleased with all of the entries that we've had to create a 'Judges' Favorites' list.

Thank you to everyone that entered the competition.




The winners: 


Elena James (6 years old), from Co. Armagh in Ireland.

Elena's bright snail is very impressive. She's used bits of pencil sharpener shavings to make a detailed, textured and three-dimensional shell - a very original idea. This collage has clearly taken a lot of time and effort - it's fantastic! 


George Wesley Haworth (9 years old), from Lancashire.

George's 'Red Backed Zebra Snail' is wacky and fun. It takes great imagination to come up with such an exciting new species - great work George. 


Kitty Creek (9 years old), from Leicestershire

Kitty has used an unusual technique to colour in her snail.With only a biro pen, she has managed to create a design that really jumps off the page and catches your attention. We particularly like the zig-zag on the eyestalks.


Philip de Lacey-Stevens (9 years old), from Suffolk

Philip's cool, coffee drinking snail has a rocket-powered skateboard so he can get around faster. We love that he hangs out his washing on the back of his shell and that he clearly loves music, we wonder what he's listening to?



Poppy Railton (4 years old), from Cambridgshire

Poppy has used tissue paper and glitter to make a snail that slithers through the grass. She's used lots of colour in her picture, with some lovely warm pinks and purples in the center of the shell which spiral out to some cool green and blues. The glitter she's used to jazz up her picture is really the icing on the cake.