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Spotting Sheets By Other Users

On this page you'll find links spotting sheets that other users have crested. Click on the user's name to visit their profile page or the thumbnail to view and print the spotting sheet.



Search for the magic beyond by Toad_uca

Hedgehog, Red Deer, Red Squirrel, Rabbit, Robin, Goldfinch View and print

Black-headed Gull

Wilder Portsmouth by Scot_ucca

Black-headed Gull, Woodpigeon, Robin, House Sparrow, Goldfinch, Red Admiral, Black Garden Ant, Woodlouse, Garden Spider View and print


by Gadwall_agru

Hedgehog, Grey Squirrel, Robin, Blackbird, Blue Tit, 2-spot Ladybird View and print


Amazing spotting list by Wild_er

Badger, Barnacle Goose, Black-headed Gull, Azure Damselfly, 2-spot Ladybird, 7-spot Ladybird, Aspen, Bell Heather, Badger Tracks View and print


John Lewis Wildlife Wednesday's by Owl_elos

Hedgehog, Badger, Water Vole, Barn Owl, Kingfisher, Common Frog, Painted Lady, Common Green Grasshopper, White-tailed Bumblebee View and print

Creeping Buttercup

Plants and Flowers by Admir_udes

Creeping Buttercup, Common Poppy, Common Bird's-foot Trefoil, Ivy, Daisy, Dandelion, Yellow Iris, Bee Orchid, Marsh Violet View and print

Water Shrew

by Admir_udes

Water Shrew, Red Fox, Otter, Weasel, Fallow Deer, Grey Squirrel, Harvest Mouse, Rabbit, Meadow Buttercup View and print

European Larch

Edale Trees by Raven_olus

European Larch, Silver Birch, Common Alder, Common Hazel, Common Beech, English Oak, Common Hawthorn, Rowan, Common Holly View and print

Great Crested Grebe

Rare plants and animals by Shell_ema

Great Crested Grebe, Mayfly, Spiked Shieldbug, Creeping Buttercup, Meadow Buttercup, Marsh Marigold, Columbine, Hair Moss, Wall Rue View and print


Edale Bird-Spotting by Raven_olus

Buzzard, Kestrel, Red Grouse, Swallow, Pied Wagtail, Blackbird, Great Tit, Blue Tit, House Sparrow View and print