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Spotting Sheets By Other Users

On this page you'll find links spotting sheets that other users have crested. Click on the user's name to visit their profile page or the thumbnail to view and print the spotting sheet.


Painted Lady

Mini beast2 by Jay_ocus

Painted Lady, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Marbled White, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Emerald Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Hairy Dragonfly View and print

Broad-bodied Chaser

by Jay_ocus

Broad-bodied Chaser, Oak Bush-cricket, Dark Bush-cricket, Water Measurer, Water Stick Insect, Saucer Bug View and print


by Jay_ocus

Peacock, Wall Brown, Marbled White, Backswimmer, Ladybird Froghopper, St Mark's Fly, Greater Bee-fly, Marmalade Fly, Hoverfly (Scaeva pyrastri) View and print

Small Skipper

Miniebeast1 by Jay_ocus

Small Skipper, Swallowtail, Brimstone, Small White, Purple Hairstreak, Small Copper, Holly Blue, Large Blue, Oil beetle View and print

Fly Agaric

fungis by Ant_igro

Fly Agaric, Chanterelle, Oyster Mushroom, Dryad's Saddle, Beefsteak, Destroying Angel, Amethyst Deceiver View and print

Great Tit

tit for a tat by Ant_igro

Great Tit, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Bearded Tit View and print

Common Gull

Living Seas Rockpool Ramble by Winged_upe

Common Gull, Dog Whelk, Common Mussel, Common Hermit Crab, Common Shore Crab, Common Starfish, Edible Sea-urchin, Bladder Wrack, Serrated Wrack View and print

Mute Swan

Birds by Lark_ora

Mute Swan, Mallard, Pheasant, Feral Pigeon, Robin, Magpie, Jackdaw, Tree Sparrow View and print

Brown Hare

May 2019 by Dove_oa

Brown Hare, Blue Tit, Common Frog, Azure Damselfly, Common Earwig, 2-spot Ladybird, 7-spot Ladybird, Bluebell, Common Heath View and print

Green Tiger Beetle

Dragon_eles spotting heet 2 by Dragon_eles

Green Tiger Beetle, Garden Tiger View and print