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Scott Petrek

Scott has been involved with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust for many years, starting off in a Watch group back when he was only 10 years old...

I started my time with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust back at the age of 10 with the Doxey Marshes Watch Group which had just been set up by the then Warden, Rachel Wheatcroft.  The Watch Group was a great way to discover more about the reserve but all good things must come to an end.  Thankfully the Trust secured funding to set up a Youth Group enabling me to continue to explore the reserve and get more involved with the Trust's work by joining practical work parties and bird surveys.  After nine years of Watch Group and then Youth Group I got my first paid job with the Trust running a team of volunteers to open the main visitor centre and shop at weekends, every weekend.

Since my first job I've progressed through the Trust and taken on many roles.  After 7 years I'm still here as an employee, having myself had the privilege of being the Doxey Marshes Warden in that time. Now my role has expanded further and I'm working across our Conservation and Education Teams, monitoring the wildlife and habitats on all the Trust's nature reserves and the impact of our people engagement work, like the Watch Groups where I started off.

Wildlife has always been a passion, so quite often my work doesn't feel like work.  If there is a Watch Group near you I highly recommend you join them, it really could be the start of something brilliant.

Scott Petrek


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