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Rachel Hudson

Rachel's involvement with nature has been lifelong and even led to her setting up her own company. Have a read of how Wildlife Watch inspired her from a young age. 

I was a member of Wildlife Watch in the 1980s at school in Kent.  I remember lunchtimes pressing flowers and looking for caterpillars in the hedges that lined the playing field.  Encouraged by a Norwegian teacher with a passion for the outdoors, I turned my encounters with nature into poems and drawings – rafts of them.  I didn’t realise it at the time, but being a member of Watch had fuelled a lifelong interest in wildlife.


Initially I completed a Foundation Course in Fine Art and graduated from university with a first class degree and an MPhil in the history and anthropology of art. I studied the cultures of Melanesia and Tibet, among others, where people and communities lived intimately with nature.  I went on to work for art galleries in the US, Republic of Ireland and Britain.  The art world was exciting but something was missing.


In 2005 I became the Publications Officer at the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT).  It was my job to write, illustrate and design the Trust’s flagship publications, from welcome packs and reserve handbooks, to educational resources and interpretation.  Working for BBOWT put an extra spring in my step.  I loved creating publications to inspire positive action for wildlife.  In 2012 I started Butterfly Track Publications, my own communications company offering illustration, design and copywriting services to conservation organisations across the UK, including BBOWT and TWT (www.butterflytrack.co.uk).


As well as freelancing I exhibit my wildlife illustrations and design a range of contemporary wildlife-themed cards, prints, giftware and homeware.  I’m also mum to two boys who are both members of Wildlife Watch.   Living in Hampshire we love the incredible variety of wildlife on our doorstep, from the South Downs to the south coast.


To this day my old Wildlife Watch membership badge sits in a pot on my desk.

Rachel Hudson

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