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Primary Science Binoculars

In our Summer 2015 issue we teamed up with Learning Resources, to offer five sets of Primary Science Binoculars to competition winners! 

We wanted to challenge readers to take action for wildlife so we asked you to go on a litter pick! Lots of you took part, helping local wildlife by clearing up litter in an area near them. We're so pleased that so many of you wanted to make a difference! Sadly we could only choose five winners, but everybody who entered should feel so proud of themselves.

Congratulations to our five lucky winners:

Scarlett Thorp, aged 4, and her mum went on a litter pick as part of their 30 Days Wild challenge. They also wrote a blog of their 30 days, which is a very inspiring and beautiful read. Scroll to Day 23 to read about her litter pick! Have a look at it here!


Leighton Fairbrother, aged 7. Leighton and his friends took part in a sponsored beach clean and found fishing boat plastics, nets, cigarette ends, nappies, wipes and even a box of empty beer cans! Well done for clearing that off the beach. Leighton also told us that as a family they do several beach cleans a year and sometimes 'recycle' their finds into sculptures. What a brilliant idea! 


Jago & Kit Hedges, aged 6 & 4 told us how much they enjoyed the activity! They said: "We like doing beach cleans! We don't like seeing plastic on the beaches. We know that plastic hurts wildlife. We found a beach near our home with lots of plastic on it. We went with our Mum and Dad and picked up seven sacks of plastic in less than an hour. Mum and Dad said we could not carry any more. The beach was far from any roads. Mum and Dad had to carry the seven heavy sacks for two miles along the coast path back to our car. We met two German visitors who helped, and we helped sometimes too. Everyone was very hot and sweaty!" Thank you to Jago, Kit and their parents for doing such a wonderful job. 


Edee Somers,
aged 4, told us how she found odd things like a gardening glove on their beach clean! It's incredible just what can end up on the beach, and very sad that some people just don't tidy up after themselves. Well done Edee for clearing up this litter!

Abdur-Rahmaan Mahmood
, aged 6, went on a litter pick with his big brother and sister. Well done to them all!