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Pip the Squirrel Activities

We've teamed up with Pip the red squirrel to bring children closer to the amazing wildlife that is found in the UK.  Sadly, young children know more about exotic species (elephants, tigers and rhinos) that live overseas, but know very little about our brilliant British Wildlife such as badgers, bats and bumblebees. 

To help inspire parents, teachers and families to explore and learn about our UK wildlife, we've got a new set of resources for you below! Pip has got crosswords, puzzles and sheets just for you! So feel free to print these off and use them in your schools, nurseries and at home! Just scroll down to find them.

Welcome Pip!

Wildlife Watch are pleased to introduce Pip the Squirrel - a cheeky, curious, funny little red squirrel who just loves to discover all about the amazing animals that live at the British Wildlife Centre. Pip's adventurous spirit always ensures lots of fun, questions, games and song, and with the help of human keep Izzy, both Pip and children learn about how our native wildlife lives. You can meet Pip in the video below.

Pip was created by British Wildlife Centre founder David Mills, who wanted to reach out beyond the boundaries of the centre itself, and engage with young children about the wonders of British wildlife through a series of programmes, and inspire in them a love of wildlife. Pip is animated, but the rest of the characters in the programmes are real world animals all filmed at the centre, and Izzy is a real keeper working there. Parents who have watched the programmes with their children have been overwhelmingly supportive, giving us feedback and comments such as:

"We have watched it absolutely loved it! Skyla can't wait to watch it again, she loved guessing the names of the animals and all the songs. It's a fantastic idea, engaging for a 3 year old without being overwhelming."

Pip launches a new YouTube account!

Pip the Squirrel is very excited about the launch of a brand new YouTube channel where you can see five episodes of her fun and adventures!  Everyone can watch her along with cheeky little friend Pipsqueak and of course their human friend Izzy, as they discover lots of wonderful things about the wildlife around us.  Join in with the fun and games here.

 Pip DVD

The DVD containing six episodes of Pip the Squirrel is available here. A second series of Pip's adventures, introducing a special new character is coming very soon! 

Take a look at the wonderful resources below! Print them off, share them and enjoy!

Night or day?

Do you know which animals live their lives at night time? Put your knowledge to the test in this fun activity sheet! 

Download the sheet here 

Find the animals!

 Can you help Pip to find the animals in the wordsearch?

Download the sheet here


Chris Packham meets Pip!

Read about Chris Packham's recent visit to the British Wildlife Centre, where he met Pip! 

Find out more here! 




Watery wildlife

Some British mammals enjoy a semi-aquatic life!  Can you pick them out of the wildlife on this activity sheet?


Give it a try! 


Help the parents find their babies


Print off this activity sheet and see if you can follow the tracks to link the parents with their babies! 

Get the sheet here. 



Predator or Prey Activity Sheet!

Download this fun activity sheet and see how well you know your predators and prey!


Will you guess correctly?

Get the sheet here! 

The Wildlife Watch team visits Pip!

Pip the squirrel welcomes the Wildlife Watch team to the British Wildlife Centre and the fabulous new Pip's Corner play area! Read about what they got up to


Carnivore Crossword

Download Pip's carnivore crossword! See how many meat-eating animals you can hunt out! 

Click here to download

Creature Crossword

Download Pip's creature crossword and see how many animals you can identify!

Click here to download!

Happy to be Home

Can you match up the animals with their homes?

Click to download the activity sheet!


What's on the menu?

Choose what the animals like to eat from the menu!

Download the game here!

Night life

Some animals sleep in the day and only come out at night!

Can you name them on the activity sheet?







Pip says: Enjoy A Wild Christmas!

Pip has sent us a special Christmas activity sheet. Check it out here


You can find out more from Pip the squirrel by visiting his website here.