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Nature Art competition

One of our Autumn 2015 Wildlife Watch competitions was our nature art competition! Take a look below to read all about it, and to see the winner. 

Kerry Conway, dancer, singer and actress, has used her connection with nature to create some wonderful wildlife art. You can see some of her incredible nature art here!

We featured an article all about how she started creating nature art, and what her inspirations are, in our Autumn magazine, then we asked you to create your very own nature art! 

The prize

To celebrate bringing art and nature together, we had one signed print of Kerry's nature art to give away to one lucky reader. 

The winner

We were SO impressed with all the entries! We've created a Pinterest board here so that everybody can see all the entries. Aren't they just fantastic? Take a look

Congratulations to Mya Pryce, aged 6, who created this incredible fox! Kerry said: "The attention to detail is brilliant. The fox has real character and I love how she's included the surrounding environment."

Mya's mum said: "We went into the woods choosing leaves that were red fox colours, and she thought that acorn cups would make good eyes, and a blackberry for the fox's nose.  We used oak and acer leaves - some acer leaves were perfect for the fox's white throat -, cones for legs, grasses and plantain for ears, whiskers and tail.  I drew the basic outline for  her  to use."

Well done Mya! We hope you enjoy your prize!

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