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My Top Wildlife Apps

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Whether studying at school or playing at home, it's very likely that you will use a smartphone or tablet at last once, probably much more, every day. When I go exploring for wildlife, I always take my smartphone or tablet with me as they are great tools for planning your adventure and recording it too.

Camera 51

Taking photos when out exploring nature is a great way to record and share with others what you see. An important thing to learn when taking photos is framing(positioning the points of interest in your photo so the final image looks balanced and pleasing to the eye). This app is designed to help you frame your images like a professional! It automatically detects points of interest on your screen and then places an icon where it suggests you should point the camera. Simply move the camera to line up the icons and snap away!


Ever taken a photo that you wanted to tweak? This photo editing app is easy to use and full of many features that you won’t even find in some paid apps. Adjust colours, crop, sharpen and add great looking filters.

iRecord Butterflies

iRecord is an excellent website for recording all the wildlife you spot. The iRecord Butterflies app is an ideal companion. It enables you to identify and record any species of butterfly you encounter. Once you have recorded the species, the number you’ve seen and location, you can submit your record directly to the iRecord website!

The Wildlife Trusts Nature Finder App

This free, easy-to-use app is perfect for planning your next wildlife adventure and learning about any wildlife you may encounter along the way. It’s divided into five sections:

Reserves: Great for planning a destination for your next trip. This map automatically locates wherever you are in the UK and shows you nearby Wildlife Trust reserves. Click on an icon and you’ll get lots of helpful information including how to get there.

Events: The Wildlife Trusts run over 11,000 events a year, with many of these family-focused. This app lists all the events happening near you, alongside cost, booking details and directions. Result!

Wildlife: I LOVE this section! Divided into four categories – animals, plants & fungi, marine wildlife and habitats - it’s jampacked with photos, facts and ways you can help each species. Perfect for keen learners.

My Favs: Use this section to list our favourite reserves, events and species. I usually clear this section before each trip and use it to note new species I spot. About: Lists all 47 Wildlife Trusts in the UK, their websites and contact details.