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My Art Inspiration

Sorcha Faulkner is an illustrator and designer, who often brings elements of wildlife into her work. Here she talks about her work, and her inspiration! After you've read her blog, don't forget to enter the competition to win a beautiful print! 

Where it all began

I have always loved drawing. At school, art was my favourite subject and I've just finished a degree in illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. I've also done a few exhibitions in London and built a website to get my work out there, but I'm still fairly new to drawing professionally. 


I've entered some competitions, volunteered to do some design work for my university and I've worked for a few weeks at the greetings card company Hallmark, so at the minute I'm trying to get as much experience as I can in the field! But I still take some days off to go walking or to go to exhibitions. I love to go walking, even if it's just a stroll along my local canal. Woodlands and moorlands are also favourites of mine. Wherever I am, I try to find circular walks that allow me to see some countryside or open land. It's also a bonus if I know I'll find some wildlife, and have certain places I know I will see certain wildlife; my favourite is a walk where I always see red kites. But I don't always go anywhere special to get my ideas; anywhere outdoors will do! 

Finding inspiration

As an artist, I know it's important to keep inspired and I'm always sketching and drawing ideas for projects before making collages and working on my computer to create any final artwork. Sometimes it can be as simple as the colours of nature that inspire me. Autumn is my favourite time of year so the oranges, mustards and burgundy of the changing leaves have inspired my work. 


Other times I will take entire forms, such as birds, animals and plants and base work around them. I love all nature and try to include a variety in my work, from mushrooms to hares! I love to draw plants, so leaves and flowers often crop up. All kinds of birds also seem to appear in my work, at the moment I am working on a personal project, a series of garden bird illustrations. But I can't draw every day: I have to answer emails and keep on top of paperwork.

The natural world

I have always loved nature, animals and the outdoors, so it seemed only natural that I would work on this subject. It's important to work on something you're passionate about: it keeps you interested in a project and excited to see what the final piece will look like. It also means that you are more likely to get jobs that interest you and clients you admire. For one of my university projects I made a piece based on the Oxford Junior Dictionary, removing natural words like blackberry, primrose and magpie, and replacing them with words such as blog, chat room and voicemail. Here, it was my love for nature and the importance that I think it has, that made me want to produce the work I have.  

Pratice makes perfect!

One thing I've learnt is to always stick with it! I believe anyone can draw but some just stop practicing and think that they can't. Practice and patience are essential! Keep sketchbooks and draw everything and anything that inspires you!

Sorcha Faulkner http://cargocollective.com/sorchafaulkner