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Moshi Monster competition

Moshi Monster competition

National charity The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and the online game Moshi Monsters teamed up to create a range of branded gardening tools and seds, for children to grow their very own Moshi vegetables.

We had two sets of Moshi Monster gardening products (worth £60) to give away, which included colourful spades, watering cans, hand tools, gloves and much more!


To win the set, we asked you "If you could plant and grow absolutely anything in your own back garden or plant pot, what would it be?" We were overwhelmed with descriptions and drawings!


It was so difficult to choose but a very well done to our winners. Because of the number and quality of entries we also have runners up!: 

Moshi Monster winner

Here's Lowri and her sister using their Moshi Monsters gardening kit and having fun! Well done Lowri! 






Lowri Davies, Wrexham, Aged 7

We loved Lowri's idea - a kindness tree. In her words the kindness tree 'spreads kindness like seeds around the world. If you are naughty and you touch it, you become kind'. What a wonderful idea!



Lucas & Anja Maycock, Leicester, Aged 10 & 6

Lucas and Anja produced this incredible interactive poster on the benefits of the moringa tree. We were so impressed with the time and effort they put into this - and we loved learning about the moringa tree! Their sister Kaja, aged 3, also made a lovely picture of a multi-coloured fruit tree.



Gracie Mercer, Croydon, Aged 5

Gracie told us 'if I could grow anything in the world I would grow sunshine so it's always sunny'. What a wonderful thought! We were very impressed by Gracie's drawing as well, and her use of colour.



Emily Palmer, Yeovil, Aged 7

Emily would grow a Moshi Monster tree - and look how detailed she has made it! We love all the drawings of the Moshi Monsters. Emily's mum has given her a gardening bed all of her own and she loves gardening. 



Niamh Hughes, Southsea, Aged 7

Not only has Niamh drawn an incredible jelly bean tree, she also gave us instructions on how to grow it: 'Get loads of different jelly beans and dig a whole somewhere in your garden. Put the jelly beans in. Now water it once a day. When it is 132cm tall eat the jelly beans. Every once a year you will get jelly beans'.

We love her attention to detail - well done Niamh!



Mia Campbell, Maulden, Aged 9

We were very impressed with the detail in Mia's insect world entry. We also love that she would grow a world just to help insects! I think you'll agree that her drawing is just wonderful.



Luca Citrini, Newport, Aged 8

We loved that Luca went to the effort of sticking seeds to his drawing, to explain what he grows in his vegetable patch!



Grace Potsig, Northumberland, Aged 7

Grace said: 'I think I would like a "photo" venus fly trap as long as it doesn't eat me! (It's too small to eat me), to take pictures of animals and moths and butterflies, especially red squirrels (they are so cute!).'

We think this is such a great idea - who doesn't love seeing snaps of animals in their garden?



Nyla Wakefield, Northumberland, Aged 4

We love that young children get so excited by wildlife! Nyla has told us that she would start by planting a nut in her garden and then squirrels would grow on her tree.



Lola Roberts, Wiltshire, Aged 11

Who wouldn't want a tree in their garden that grows sweets and chocolate?? We agree with Lola on this one!

The use of a blow pen to create the stem and sweets is great as well!



Edward Alexander, Sussex, Aged 8

We had to include this just because it was really the strangest and most inventive entry!! Edward says he would grow a melon-headed dog plant: 'It sprouts melon headed dogs. The way you plant them is unknown, but the dogs are RAD. The thing I like about them is that they look cute and have cool hairstyles.'



Frank Bowden, Oxford, Aged6

Frank's entry was so special because of all of the reasons he wanted to grow carrots in his garden! He says: 'I like carrots because then I see in the dark so I can find things in the dark like keys, wallets, runaway pets and jewellery! I could be a dambusters pilot, I would attack our enemies. I eat and I want to be a runner so I can be a football player so I can beat my daddy at football. This is why I want to grow carrots.'

Also, Frank's carrot is very detailed and true to life!