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Mega Machines

A guide to ... the mega machines of conservation!

If you spot a tractor, digger or even a helicopter on one of our nature reserves when you’re out and about, don’t panic – we’re not digging up nature! We’re actually building lots more homes for wildlife with the help of some mega machinery. 



The Wildlife Trusts have an army of people who make space for wildlife. They do all kinds of tasks like digging ponds, cutting down trees and building hides. But people power isn’t always enough; that’s when it’s time to get the machines in. These ‘Transformers’ can revamp habitats and rescue wildlife much more easily than we can. Using them in the right place at the right time takes lots of care and special knowledge, but really helps the animals and plants in those habitats.

Read our online guide to find out which Transformers each local Wildlife Trust uses to make space for nature.

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust

The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust uses a 'Truxor Amphibious Vehicle' at Felmersham Gravel Pits. Read why they use this mega machine here






Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust

Wow, take a look at this amazing tractor! BBO Wildlife Trust use tractors on many of their reserves. Found out why here




Birmingham & The Black Country Wildlife Trust

This Trust uses a tractor to create new wildflower meadows in Castle Vale. As they don't need a tractor all year round, they don't own one - they hire it. 





Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Cumbria Wildlife Trust share a tractor-like machine with other local conservation organisations. It is made especially for wetlands but doesn't sink! Find out what special qualities this machine has to stop it from sinking. 






Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Here a tractor and trailer are used to help keep the woodland in tip-top condition! Read why it's sometimes important for the Trust to cut down trees. 






Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Northumberland Wildlife Trust use an exciting machine called an 'Alaskan Mill' on its woodland nature reserves. Find out what an 'Alaskan Mill' is and does here!





Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is on a mission to save the peatlands of the Yorkshire Moor. To help this they've recruited some rather special mega machines.





Wildlife Trust for South & West Wales

Mire diggers have been creating new ditches and a pond! Read about why this is so important for local wildlife, here