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Listening out for bird song

This year we're teaming up with Brambly Hedge to help Wildlife Watchers to get closer to nature!

Brambly Hedge and Wildlife Watch are asking you to get out and experience wildlife. Every month we'll be creating more resources to help you explore.

For March, we're showing you how to identify different bird song! 

In March the first signs of spring will be popping up all around us. Flowers will be begin peeking out, enjoying the first touches of warmth from the sun, whilst beautiful bird song can be heard in gardens everywhere. But which birds can you hear? These handy guides can help! 

Spring birdsong

Click on the images to hear the songs of these birds. To download them as ringtones for your phone, right click on them and select 'Save Target As' to save the sound to your computer. You can then transfer them to your mobile phone!




Blue tit














Great tit
House sparrow














Song thrush









Birdsong Bingo

Now that you're a birdsong expert, play a game of Birdsong Bingo to test yourself and your friends. You can even take it outside and see if you can play with real birds!











Bird sounds by kind permission of Alan Burbidge, the Wildlife Sound Recording Society (www.wildlife-sound.org). Images by Amy Lewis, Bob Coyle, Gillian Day, Elliott Neep, Richard Burkmar and Harry Hogg.