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Life as a Wildlife Watcher in Alderney

Hi, my name is Chloe Faulkner and I live on Alderney, which is the third largest of the islands that make up the Channel islands. 

We moved here 18 months ago when my mum took up the position of the island's veterinary nurse. She looks after the island's pets, farm animals and any wildlife casualties.


I have always been interested in wildlife and animals and have lots of pets at home, which includes chickens, guinea pigs, cats, a dog and until recently a Giant African land snail called 'Curly Wurly', who sadly died from old age this year.

I joined our local Watch group on Alderney not long after we moved here, and I am now on the Committee and am one of the editors of our newsletter Watch out! 

We are very fortunate on Alderney to have lots of great beaches and excellent rock pools; Daddy is great at catching the big crabs I find in them. We often go out at night looking for bats and hedgehogs around the local golf course; sometimes I help to weigh and tag the hedgehogs so we can monitor how they are doing and track where they go. We are very lucky to have blonde hedgehogs on our little island and there are more blonde hedgehogs than the usual brown ones. 

This year I have started to run one of the Watch group's moth traps at my house and I often show overseas visitors to the island what we have caught. Before we came here I hadn't given much thought to moths, but they are fast becoming my favourite creatures, especially the really big hawk moths. 

We have managed to rear caterpillars and hatch out moths and butterflies and then release them back into the wild, including the beautiful Glanville fritillary, this year with Dr George McGavin.

We are very fortunate to have puffins and gannets visit every year to breed off the coast of Alderney. The puffins visit a small island called Burhou and the gannets cling to rocks just off our coast, called Les Etacs. There are around eight thousand pairs of gannets and they make a lot of noise. The photo shows me on the Alderney Wildlife Trust's boat called Sula of Braye after a trip to see the puffins and close to the gannet colony.  


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