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Jenny Carter

University student Jenny has always been interested in wildlife, and that interest led her to Wildlife Watch...

From an early age I loved animals and the great outdoors. At first I had pets and we watched the birds in the garden. I used to love going for walks with my parents and going down each week to the local canal to keep tabs on a family of swans. My dad would show me lots of wildlife, normally birds but also butterflies and anything else interesting that he knew about.

Joining Wildlife Watch

When I was 8, a new Wildlife Watch group was set up at Attenborough, Nottinghamshire; my local nature reserve. My dad signed up as one of the leaders and even from the very first meeting, it was great fun, looking at and learning so much about wildlife! I have so many wonderful memories of Watch.

I remember a man bringing a barn owl in for us to see, and showing us what the barn owl had been eating by looking at its pellets. I remember making autumn book marks with double sided sticky tape and seed pods. I remember planting a meadow in the nature reserve to try and get butterflies to come back. I was hooked!!

Academic life!

As I grew, so did my interest in wildlife. I spent a lot of time volunteering down at Attenborough and spent a week down there as part of school work experience. I knew from then on that wildlife would always be a really important part of my life.

My studies took me through GCSEs, to A levels, to university where I am now studying ecology. I have just completed a placement year with the ecological consultancy element of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and I loved it!

I am hoping to continue studying next year, with a masters in Biodiversity and Conservation. Wildlife and the great outdoors will always be part of my life and I am very thankful for the time I had in the Attenborough Watch Group.

Jenny Carter

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