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Graeme Cotterill

Graeme, aged 30, is the Fundraising Director for the North Wales Wildlife Trust, although how he got there is an interesting story...

I was a member of a Watch group based at Allt-yr-yn Local Nature Reserve in Newport, South Wales, which was led by Roger James, now President of Gwent Wildlife Trust! I loved it and my parents and brother went along too!


However, when I hit my teenage years, wildlife took a back seat and my interest in classical music took over. This led me to Bangor University, where I completed a degree, a Masters and a PhD, eventually becoming a lecturer.

A few years ago, my journey back to wildlife began. I joined North Wales Wildlife Trust on a whim and also had a music lecturer colleague who was chief cake-baker at the Trust, and took me out on nature walks. After nine years of spending every day listening to and writing about beautiful music, I fancied a change! I applied for, and was beyond astonished to get, the job in 2012. My story shows that although you can lose your passion at times, nature is always there waiting for you to return. I'm so grateful to Watch for sparking my interest in wildlife. 

Graeme Cotterill

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